LEGO City Stories might be a Wii U launch title

LEGO City Stories

Yet another LinkedIn profile – this time that of a TT Fusion artist – specifically lists LEGO City Stories as an “exclusive launch title” for the Wii U. Seeing how it was the very first Wii U game Nintendo told us about, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a key part of the system’s launch lineup.

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  1. Yes! That would be awesome!

  2. Andy

    An open world lego game, built exclusivly for the Wii U (and 3DS), at the systems launch.
    Me gusta.

  3. Wildman

    That’s clean fish!
    Oh I just can’t wait for E3!!!

  4. JD2995

    ¡More games at launch! 😀

  5. foxuzamaki

    Im actually interested in what this game will be like

  6. More exclusives = more WIN!

  7. uPadWatcher

    This could be one of the most surprised hits for the Wii U.