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Emily Rogers’ last Wii 2 rumours (well, sort of)

For the last month or so the Wii 2 blog has been reporting on Emily Rogers’ rumours that she has received from her sources. Some of them have been believable and some of them haven’t. She has now made a list of Wii 2 rumours which she guarantees to be true or,¬†apparently, she will never [...]

Retro Studios is not working on Eternal Darkness 2 or Zelda, Wii 2 may fall prey to flood of ports

Emily Rogers has made quite the name for herself over the past week or so, starting by giving us hope for Pikmin 3 finally seeing the light of day on the Wii’s successor, followed by an outpouring of tempting tidbits. Today, her sources confirmed that Retro Studios‘ secret project is neither Eternal Darkness 2 nor [...]

Motherload of fresh Wii 2 rumours – Star Fox and Resident Evil in development

Information overload! Yet another anonymous source has released what may be the biggest leak of Wii 2 information yet, covering everything from Star Fox to the mysterious touchscreen controller.

Pikmin 3 development moved to Wii 2?

Could the elusive Pikmin 3 be on its way to the Wii’s HD successor?