About Wii U Go

Wii U Go BannerWii U Go (formerly Wii 2 Blog) has been running since September 15, 2010, and is one of the world’s oldest, largest, and most established websites dedicated to the Wii’s successor. We pride ourselves on providing timely and well-written updates on all the latest news and rumours about the console; and our forum community, TheWiiU.com, is the largest of its kind.

Wii U Go’s high quality content has been cited in numerous major media outlets, including G4tv, the largest video game-oriented TV station in the world; N-Zone, a popular German Nintendo magazine; The Escapist; Destructoid; and more.

The site is owned and managed by Feld0. Two assistant writers, Ruthie and Robert (who also goes by the name Sepharos), help Feld0 cover news between school, homework, and what little sleep school allows. Ruthie is based in the UK while Sepharos hails from the mighty US of A. Together, the three of them run Wii U Go for the sheer fun of it, and hope you enjoy looking through their content as much as they enjoy producing it.

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