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Nintendo World Store will be celebrating Wii U launch

There will be a midnight launch event at Nintendo World Store in New York’s Rockefeller Plaza, starting at 6:00 PM on Saturday November 17th and going on all the way up to the Wii U’s launch at midnight. Reggie Fils-Aime will be there to welcome customers and present the first customer with a Wii U.

Reggie confident in Wii U’s power, but HD alone is “not enough”

Interviewed at CES, Reggie spoke a little on the philosophy behind the Wii U. He’s confident that the console has the graphical prowess to hold its own against its future competitors, but really wants to focus on creating new experiences with the touchscreen controller. The big innovation with the Wii U is the controller and […]

[Video] Reggie talks Wii U at CES

Reggie was interviewed about the Wii U by Spike TV at CES; and while he didn’t make any groundbreaking announcements, he was happy to provide a vague insight into Nintendo’s plans for 2012 and the Wii U’s long-term strategy. I’d recommend watching the full video interview above, seeing how many points he touches on, but […]

Reggie talks Wii U target audience & Wii game transfers

Reggie firmly believes that the Wii and Wii U will cater to entirely different audiences from this point onwards, which he hopes will enable the two consoles to co-exist peacefully “for some time”. Citing the new $149.99 price point the Wii now sells at as the key factor in reaching an “expanded demographic”. And it […]

Reggie believes the Wii U has a chance to “disrupt the market” like the Wii did

Reggie spoke on how Nintendo plans to approach the development of Wii U projects now that his company has a powerful HD platform to work with. In a nutshell, he wants to really drive the controller’s touchscreen and connectivity features home as the console’s defining features, and thinks the Wii U has a chance of […]

Reggie: Wii U is not “going to be a hard sell”

Much like the issue with not being able to experience the 3DS’s glasses-free 3D without seeing it in person, it might be difficult for some people to acknowledge the gameplay possibilities that the Wii U’s tablet controller holds. But Reggie is quite confident that getting consumers to realize them won’t be an issue, telling us […]

Wii U to have ‘flexible’ online network

We still have no clear details on the Wii U’s online system, but if Reggie’s words from a recent interview with Forbes are anything to go by, it’ll be anything but a unified, consistent experience. Forbes: Your online services are very different than what your competitors offer. Isn’t something missing, that you can’t offer the […]

Wii U won’t be plagued by 3DS launch woes

The 3DS’s launch was highly anticipated, but soon fell flat as there was quite literally only a single standout game (and even that was a port of a console title). But in a shareholder meeting today, Iwata dropped a reassuring tidbit that gives us hope for a much stronger Wii U launch. He said that […]

Reggie: Wii U is not an iPad imitator

This interview is a few days old, but I thought it was worth sharing, seeing how many people are thinking of the Wii U controller as an “iPad with buttons.” Speaking to VentureBeat, Reggie Fils-Aime claimed that the Wii U’s controller wasn’t influenced by the iPad, explaining that they began development on the Wii U before […]

Reggie: ‘We’ve only shown 10% of the Wii U’s potential’

In a video interview with the publication EFE at E3, Reggie Fils-Aime said that they’ve only shown 10% of the Wii U’s potential off at this point. There’s a lot more to be shown in terms of the games and the experiences, but what we are communicating is this idea of two screens – the […]