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Gamers are ready for the next generation of consoles, says Iwata

Iwata thinks that gamers are ready for the next generation of home consoles to start. He sees the declining sales of all three current systems as a sign that the market is ready for something new. However, not just the Wii, but the overall performance of home consoles in December was lower than the previous […]

The Wii U is luring the PlayStation 4 out early

According to what Jim Ryan, the boss of Sony of Europe, told Eurogamer TV at a recent PlayStation Vita press conference, the PlayStation 4 may be released a bit earlier than everyone expected. He states that, in relation to the Wii U 2012 launch and the rumored Xbox 2013 launch: I think we would consider […]

Wii U not meant to outpower PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

While our image of the Wii U’s exact tech specs is still rather vague, Miyamoto dropped the bomb in an interview with GameSpot that Nintendo is not aiming to crush the competition with vastly superior graphics, citing price as the reason they’re once again going to sell the Wii U on its unique controller instead. […]

Xbox 720 to be revealed at E3? EA denies it.

If the latest rumours are to be believed then it seems that Microsoft is gearing up to challenge the Wii 2 at E3. The website Develop Online has been told by a source that EA has the successor to the Xbox 360 and is busily getting to grips with it. “Quite often when new consoles […]

Survey shows that gamers want improved motion control in Wii 2 first and foremost

IndustryGamers recently conducted a survey of their readers in which they asked gamers what they would most like to see from the Wii’s successor. The results are rather surprising, in that the majority of voters wished for improved motion controls, with awesome HD graphics and – get ready – augmented reality taking close second and […]

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 not coming until 2014

When are Microsoft and Sony going to come out with their eighth-gen systems? Not in time to stop the Wii 2, industry sources say.

Capcom Europe COO wants “single-format future”

Sick of the console wars? You’re not the only one; David Reeves hates them as much as you do.

Wii to receive a price cut on May 15th?

Rumour has it that the Wii will get a $50 price drop on May 15th.

Wii 2 to launch before Xbox 720?

An analyst (and it’s not Pachter this time) has good reason to believe that Nintendo will beat Microsoft to launching a next-generation home console.

Pachter: Wii 2 set for 2011 reveal, will be backwards-compatible

Michael Pachter no longer thinks Nintendo’s in trouble, and has adjusted his outlook on their future accordingly.