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Straight Right can’t talk about their Wii U project yet

In an interview with NTower, Straight Right explained that they cannot talk about the Wii U project they are doing for Square Enix or any other possible Wii U titles they might have in the pipeline. We can’t talk about what we’re working on right now, but we certainly hope to be able to develop […]

Rumour: Wii U has an achievement system

An anonymous developer revealed that the Wii U features a console-wide achievement system. This system is said to have a “Nintendo-spin” on it that “tracks gamer-time, scores and more.” As with all stories sourced from anonymous developers refusing to name themselves, take it with a healthy dose of salt. Nintendo have not exactly had the […]

Are Nintendo developing a Wii U game no one expects?

According to a NeoGAF user called “Shikamaru Ninja”, one of the first-party games being in development for Wii U might be something we didn’t think of yet. He claims it’s something that has already been mentioned in speculative discussions, and further emphasizes it’s “[not] Mario or Zelda or Pokemon related”, while assuming it probably won’t sell […]

Tadashi Sugiyama working on a Wii U game?

Nintendo’s Tadashi Sugiyama, who has worked on titles such as F-Zero X, Luigi’s Mansion, Wii Fit and Mario Kart: Double Dash may be working on a new game for Wii U that will be revealed at E3 2012. GoNintendo have reported that this information has come from “a trusted source.” The source didn’t specify what […]

Rumour: Crytek got Crysis running on the Wii U

Apparently a Crytek employee got the upcoming shooter Crysis 3 running on the Wii U. However, this is not a sign that they are developing the game for the Wii U as they were just seeing what the console could do. The rumour also claims that the Wii U was able to run the game […]

Blockbuster lists several Wii U games?

Pictures have surfaced on the internet listing several upcoming Wii U games. The pictures were apparently taken by an employee of Blockbuster UK and show a list of Wii U games on the Blockbuster database. Most of the titles are ones that have already been announced but there are some interesting additions such as Splinter Cell, Shield Pose […]

More hints that Retro are working on Star Fox Wii U

Earlier this year, ONM seemed to tease that they had insider information that Retro Studios were working on a new Star Fox game. Now, the website Techtroid have been told by their sources that a new Star Fox game is in the works and will be revealed at E3 2012. The source explained that though the Wii U […]

LostWinds is coming to the Wii U?

Those few weeks before E3 are always filled with rumours from the very believable to the not-so-much and this year is no exception. According to the French website, Live Gen, Frontier Developments are working on a LostWinds game for the Wii U. Apparently the site was told ‘in private’ that a LostWinds game was in […]

More TimeSplitters 4 development rumours

A few months ago’s source told them that TimeSplitters  would be coming to the Wii U as well as other consoles and would be announced at E3 2012. Now more TimeSplitters 4 rumours have surfaced, this time Offical Xbox Magazine’s sources have told them that they have seen the TimeSplitters 4 game running. Trusted […]

Assassin’s Creed 3 to be released on October 31st?

A new rumor is floating around, coming from a Dutch press release said to have come from Ubisoft themselves,  saying, “Assassin’s Creed III is available as from October 31 on Xbox 360 ®, PlayStation ® 3, Wii U™ and PC.” However, this differs from the press release in North America which offers no release date for Assassin’s Creed III. This news comes from […]