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Details on Nintendo TVii

We now have Nintendo’s “entertainment” pillar for the Wii U, Nintendo TVii. At Nintendo’s September 13th conference they revealed their big step into the entertainment portion of Wii U. Its features include but are not limited to: cable/satellite integration Netflix, Hulu Plus Amazon Instant Video TiVo family member preferences …all seamlessly mixed into one application. The interface […]

The complete list of Wii U launch (and launch window) titles

At the recent Nintendo Conference, the impressive Wii U launch lineup was revealed. You can find it after the break!

Fox failed with Nintendo 3DS; CNN fails with the Wii U

Remember a while back when Fox News though the Nintendo 3DS was the Nintendo DS3 and was simply another DS modification? Well, now we have CNN thinking the Wii U is just a Wii controller modification and not a new system. You can read their article and a link to it after the break.

Wii U eShop coinciding with launch of the console

Well, Nintendo has finally announced that, along with being able to import previous Wii eShop purchases, the Wii U eShop will be available with the launch of the console. Games already announced are BIT.TRIP Runner 2, Chasing Aurora, Cloudberry Kingdom, and 1000 Spikes. We also speculate that Gamecube games may be on the horizon for […]

New Super Mario Bros. U: Iwata Asks

Iwata, the president of Nintendo, conducted an interview with Takashi Tezuka, the director for New Super Mario Bros. U, for the game regarding new information, features, and gameplay. You can watch it after the break.

Pikmin 3 Revealed

Pikmin 3 has been unveiled! We have new Pikmin, such as the rock Pikmin, more realistic effects, such as Pikmin finding natural things to build bridges with, and a beautiful HD display. You can play on the nun-chuck and Wiimote or simply by using the Wii U controller. We have the ability to use four […]

Nicalis talks about comments regarding Wii U power

Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis recently made statements of the Wii U being ‘Nintendo’s most powerful console’, and that it could ‘last five to ten years’.  This was mistaken as a possibly negative comment, but Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid got more details after contacting Tyrone. Sadly, the original quote was taken a bit out of context. […]

Wal-Mart sets Wii U price at $350

  While I’m not sure how much stock you can put in Wal-Mart for making reliable pricing at this point in time, this is still something to go on to help in confirming how much the Wii U may cost in the end. It’s also worth noting that the original Wii’s price was set by Wal-Mart […]

Nintendo discusses the Wii U’s name

Katsuya Eguchi, game designer and manager at Nintendo, discussed the ‘Wii’ in the Wii U, explaining that… …there were also things [with Wii] that we weren’t able to accomplish with that system, that we would have liked to see in it. Wii U is kind of the natural progression in looking at what we did, how we […]

Tekken Wii U online features

Series producer, Katsuhiro Harada was unable to confirm whether the Tekken game coming to the Wii U would be new or a port of a previous game but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t thought of what some online features of the game could be. In an interview, Harada suggested that the Wii U controller could […]