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New Need For Speed: Most Wanted trailer

EA have released a new trailer for their upcoming Wii U game Need For Speed: Most Wanted. The aim of the trailer is to demonstrate the new cooperate gameplay mode. The video shows the man driving while the boy changes conditions such as time of day and the model of the car the man is driving. Keep […]

FIFA 13 is likely to come to the Wii U?

The next title in the popular football series of games has been announced to be coming to the Wii and the Nintendo 3DS. However, this begs the question of whether a Wii U version of the title is also in the works. Eurogamer recently reported that a Wii U version is being developed but by […]

EA think the Wii U is “absolutely” next gen

There has been quite a debate going on about where the Wii U ‘sits’, in terms of console generations, ever since it was revealed at E3 2011. Some people have described the Wii U as a machine in-between this generation and the next, others believe that the Wii U is truly a next generation console and some […]

Peter Moore: Wii U’s online capabilities are “really extensive”

Anyone who’s been following this blog for a few weeks has probably heard Peter Moore of EA praising the Wii U. Today, we’ve got more – but it’s very interesting to note that he made a point to rave about the console’s online capabilities, which are apparently “really extensive”. It’s a very exciting machine and […]

Peter Moore is fascinated by the Wii U

From being called upon by Satoru Iwata at E3 to their gush of positive comments on the system, it seems that EA’s enthusiasm for the Wii knows no bounds. Not too long ago, Peter Moore let out another stream of praise for the system’s dual-screen experience, explaining how it applies to the modern gadget-crazy world. […]

DICE has ‘no plans’ for the Wii U; Battlefield 3 U is still unconfirmed

DICE, the famed studio behind the Battlefield games, has Wii U dev kits but is apparently NOT working on bringing the just-released Battlefield 3 to the system. Asked if there was any reason they would not want to bring the game to the Wii U, seeing as it is a more capable machine than the current HD twins, […]

EA still loves the Wii U

Peter Moore, EA’s COO, recently commented on the Wii U speaking to Reuters. Nothing substantial was revealed, but he did state that everything was still going smoothly and that they plan to bring all of their key franchises to the system. It’s good to know that a big company like EA is so committed to […]

Next Dead Space game to be released for an ‘unannounced’ console

Two months ago we found out that EA had a job listing up for a new game in the Dead Space franchise. What we didn’t hear about back then was which console the game would appear on. Now, thanks to a job request on Creativeheads.net, we know that the game will be released on the […]

EA: Wii U can do anything the PS3 and 360 can do

EA have been quite vocal about their support of Nintendo’s next home console but their faith in the Wii U has been increased even further now that they have received the new dev kits. Vice president of EA Sports, Andrew Wilson told the gaming website Eurogamer that they can do “anything” on the Wii U that […]

EA are pleased that the Wii U is releasing in 2012

CEO of EA, John Riccitello is happy with the Wii U’s release date arguing that rather than it being too early in comparison to the PS3 and 360 it is actually perfect timing. When asked whether Nintendo were off cycle for releasing the Wii U midway through the PS3 and 360’s lifetime, Riccitello had this […]