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The Wii U is luring the PlayStation 4 out early

According to what Jim Ryan, the boss of Sony of Europe, told Eurogamer TV at a recent PlayStation Vita press conference, the PlayStation 4 may be released a bit earlier than everyone expected. He states that, in relation to the Wii U 2012 launch and the rumored Xbox 2013 launch: I think we would consider […]

Runescape might come to the Wii U

  Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex, is enthused about the possibility of bringing Runescape to the next generation of home consoles. I think they [Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo] will open up their platforms a bit more, liberate them a bit more. It’s just a matter of time. But we’re well placed to be on all […]

A public video address by Reggie Fils-Aime

Right as Sony’s conference came to a close, Nintendo put up a short video clip by Reggie to help stir the buzz for their show tomorrow (not as if they needed it). Just look at that content grin on his face. I think Reggie knows he’s got E3 in the bag. Is your body ready?

Sony: “We’re not afraid of a little coffee stain.”

An unknown Sony employee (well, not entirely unknown; we know her first name is Sandy) has just gone on record trash talking about Nintendo’s next console with the following line: We’re not afraid of a little coffee stain. Oooh, Nintendo’s not gonna like that, Sandy. Does the line imply that Sony has secretly been working […]

Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 not coming until 2014

When are Microsoft and Sony going to come out with their eighth-gen systems? Not in time to stop the Wii 2, industry sources say.

Nintendo hires PS3 engineer, researches head tracking systems

What’s this? Camera tracking and head-mounted stereoscopic displays? What exactly is Nintendo up to?

Capcom Europe COO wants “single-format future”

Sick of the console wars? You’re not the only one; David Reeves hates them as much as you do.

Wii 2 motion-sensing is “better than Move”

Some reports state that the Wii 2’s controller picks motions up more accurately than the current leader in the field, Sony’s PlayStation Move.

Reggie hints at Wii price drop, but does not denounce Wii 2

Reggie Fils-Aime hints in an interview that Nintendo’s ready to drop the Wii’s price should its sales slow down. However, he did not specifically denounce the possibility of a successor. Could we be looking at the next PlayStation 2?

Pachter: Wii 2 set for 2011 reveal, will be backwards-compatible

Michael Pachter no longer thinks Nintendo’s in trouble, and has adjusted his outlook on their future accordingly.