Project Café Archive

Amazon Germany lists Project Café

Although I doubt that even Amazon has seen the console yet, their German division has already put up a placeholder page for the console, which has garnered 53 “likes” at the time of writing this. Earlier, there were a whole bunch of reviews and even a rating of four stars, too, but those seem to […]

Capcom effectively confirms their support for Project Café

Capcom is one company that has traditionally been very supportive of Nintendo’s platforms in the past, and I expect no different for the Wii’s successor. A quote from an interview with IGN all but confirms they’re working on something. We’re a multiplatform publisher, and I think anytime we have new hardware coming to the market that can […]

Pachter’s Nintendo E3 2011 Predictions

Love him or hate him, industry analyst Michael Pachter has shared his predictions on Nintendo’s E3 2011 conference. In his latest episode, summarised by he shares his thoughts on what will be revealed on the Wii 2/Project Cafe. He predicts that a lot of titles for the Wii 2 will be shown at E3, […]

Emily Rogers’ last Wii 2 rumours (well, sort of)

For the last month or so the Wii 2 blog has been reporting on Emily Rogers’ rumours that she has received from her sources. Some of them have been believable and some of them haven’t. She has now made a list of Wii 2 rumours which she guarantees to be true or, apparently, she will never […]

A ‘leaked’ Project Café specs sheet

An image has just started circulating the web, which purports to be a sheet of the Wii 2’s technical specifications. It looks plausible, and is more or less in line with what we’ve been hearing about the console’s specs so far (minus the quad-core CPU – we’ve only heard reports of a tri-core so far), […]

Wii is too weak for Sonic Generations – is a Project Café port possible?

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, Takashi Iizuka apparently explained why the Wii wouldn’t be getting Sonic Generations – the game SEGA is making to commemorate Sonic’s 20th anniversary. The reason was one we’ve all probably become familiar with by now – it’s simply not powerful enough for them to realize their ideas on […]

‘Super secret shoot’ with Zelda Williams – is it related to Project Café?

Zelda Williams, the daughter of the actor Robin Williams, apparently took part in a ‘super-secret shoot’ with Nintendo about six days ago, according to her own Twitter account. It began with the following message… …which she then followed up with these three pictures from the shooting, none of which reveal absolutely anything. There’s a chance […]

Everything we know about Project Café (so far)

Newbs of has emailed an article of his in to me, which I thought would be worth featuring on Wii 2 Blog. In the works since April 25th – the day Nintendo officially announced the Wii’s successor – Newbs’s piece serves as a all-in-one compilation of all the rumours, news, and “facts” we know […]

Xbox Live ports coming to the Wii 2? (and more rumours)

Emily Rogers has done it again. This time her sources have apparently given her information on the Wii 2’s digital content. Firstly she was told that SEGA are getting ready to port some of their Xbox Live Arcade Genesis games to the Wii 2’s Virtual service. The details of which exact ones were not given. One […]

Super Smash Bros Cafe to be at E3?

Yes, if we are to believe the website Gaming Crusade who apparently have sources within the industry. According to their sources Nintendo will be showing off a new Super Smash Bros game for the Wii 2 at E3 this year. They did not share any other details about the game. As with most rumours I suggest […]