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Square Enix confident in the Wii U, but not “certain”

Square Enix’s Yoshinori Kitase, who previously mentioned the possibility of bringing Final Fantasy to the Wii U, has commented on the Wii U, praising its tech specs and HD visuals. However, while he hopes that his company’s multiplatform titles will see releases on it, he isn’t entirely sure it’s going to happen. With the Wii U, […]

Rumour: Nintendo are working on supporting two tablet controllers

A “trusted game development executive” has supposedly leaked some details to Develop regarding the possibility for a second Wii U controller. The complete lack of two-controller support at E3 caused a fan outrage, and Nintendo are now supposedly aware that “they absolutely need to support two tablets”. Whether the console supports one or two controllers […]

Wii U not meant to outpower PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

While our image of the Wii U’s exact tech specs is still rather vague, Miyamoto dropped the bomb in an interview with GameSpot that Nintendo is not aiming to crush the competition with vastly superior graphics, citing price as the reason they’re once again going to sell the Wii U on its unique controller instead. […]

A ‘leaked’ Project Café specs sheet

An image has just started circulating the web, which purports to be a sheet of the Wii 2’s technical specifications. It looks plausible, and is more or less in line with what we’ve been hearing about the console’s specs so far (minus the quad-core CPU – we’ve only heard reports of a tri-core so far), […]

IGN builds the Wii 2 [Video]

The folks at IGN decided to something I’d call a little crazy, and built a PC with specs roughly equivalent to what Project Café is rumoured to pack. They made a video of it in action, which shows off the Frankenstein-like machine and several PC graphical heavy-hitters like Crysis 2 running silky-smooth on it, with […]

IGN’s May 5th mailbag focuses on Project Café

Richard George has put together a mailbag feature on IGN in which he does his best to answer a number of readers’ questions about the Wii’s successor. There is absolutely no new information to found in the piece, but it’s still a good read if you want a recap on everything we’ve been hearing about […]

Survey shows that gamers want improved motion control in Wii 2 first and foremost

IndustryGamers recently conducted a survey of their readers in which they asked gamers what they would most like to see from the Wii’s successor. The results are rather surprising, in that the majority of voters wished for improved motion controls, with awesome HD graphics and – get ready – augmented reality taking close second and […]

Could Project Café’s controller have a rumbling touchscreen?

Remember that patent Nintendo got last January, for a rumbling touchscreen? Back then, we all thought it was going to show up in what is now known as the 3DS (it hadn’t been announced back then, and it was referred to as the “DS 2,” much like we’re calling the Wii’s successor the “Wii 2” […]

Wii successor called ‘Nintendo Feel,’ to feature haptic touchscreen?

The Swedish website Loading has ignited an exciting new round of rumours, coming supposedly from a source close to Nintendo. The most exciting part of their report is that the console’s controller will feature a touchscreen with haptic feedback technology – that is, a touchscreen that allows you to feel textured surfaces. For example, you’d […]

Project Café to have 8 GB of flash memory and 25 GB discs?

Kotaku just came out with an unconfirmed report telling us that the Wii’s successor will have HD, but no HDD. Instead, they say it will feature a measly 8 GB of flash memory. For comparison, the Xbox 360 launched in 2005 with a 20 GB hard drive. The system will allegedly be open to additional […]