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Community Showcase: Matheus and Jade, two Project Café mockup artists

You may or may not be aware of Wii 2 Blog’s mockup gallery (if not, you should go check it out!), which features over 100 fan-made mockups of Project Café. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had two artists email their work to me personally for inclusion, and I’d like to showcase them on the […]

Sony: “We’re not afraid of a little coffee stain.”

An unknown Sony employee (well, not entirely unknown; we know her first name is Sandy) has just gone on record trash talking about Nintendo’s next console with the following line: We’re not afraid of a little coffee stain. Oooh, Nintendo’s not gonna like that, Sandy. Does the line imply that Sony has secretly been working […]

Wario World turns up two more Project Café images

Nintendo’s servers must be getting hit with a whole ton of 404’s right now as people madly try all kinds of combinations in their attempts to squeeze more and more images out of Wario World. These two are the latest to be found. The two images are identical, with the exception of one having a […]