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Final Fantasy XIV may be considered for other consoles

Final Fantasy XIV has had, to put it lightly, a very rocky start. The game was released in a poor way and was met with a hail of negative reviews. However, slowly but surely they seem to be getting the game back on track and ready for a release on the PlayStation 3 but what […]

Dragon Quest X beta releases in Japan to a few problems

Dragon Quest X Wii U, the MMORPG which is set to release in Japan on the 30th March seems to have encountered a few problems. Apparently, Japanese gamers who have been trying to access the newly released beta on the Wii U have been faced with an error message instead. It is said to be due to […]

Square Enix details Puku Land in Dragon Quest X

Square Enix has given more details on Puku Land; one of the major places in Dragon Quest X. The continent is run by a royal family, Queen Arwe and her son, Prince Raguas, from the major city of Megistrorys. The continent also contains other cute sounding places such as Pukulet, Popola, Kira Kira Windmill Tower and Rinkulu. With […]

Wii U to be a great console for MMORPG’s

The Wii U’s touchscreen controller may make the Wii U a great platform for MMO games. While speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Funcom’s Joel Bylos explained that the touchscreen would allow the console to run MMO games without compromising the experience. Wii U could be the first real console on which running an MMORPG without […]

Ubisoft is (probably) working on a Wii U MMORPG

A set of job listings for Ubisoft Quebec would certainly lead you to believe so. The set was tweeted by Emile Gauthier, a “communication guy” at the company, as a public call for talent to work on an upcoming “AAA MMORPG game”. [blackbirdpie id=”143719963339915265″] Sounds like we’ve got an announcement from Ubisoft to look forward to in […]