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Nintendo Land Attractions

Nintendo dropped all the Nintendo Land attraction names: Mario Chase The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest Animal Crossing: Sweet Day Pikmin Adventure Luigi’s Ghost Mansion Donkey Kong’s Crash Course Metroid Blast Takamaru’s Ninja Castle Balloon Trip Breeze Captain Falcon’s Twister Race Octopus Dance Yoshi’s Fruit Cart We still know nothing about Octopus Dance, and Yoshi’s […]

Nintendo Land announcement

The bulborb seems to take a fancy to the train, er, yes. Nintendo Land, a Wii U exclusive party game. Featuring a wide array of Nitnendo franchise classics, such as Zelda, Metroid, and Pikmin, this game brings them together in an amusement park environment. Featuring mini-games, exploration, and co-op, this game is sure to be […]