How Project Cars will utilise the Wii U controller

Slightly Mad Studios’ racing simulation game, Project Cars is due for release in 2013. The game is slated for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC and the Wii U. The studio have been positive about getting the game onto the Wii U and recent information seems to suggest that this is going well.

An official document about the game explains how it will utilise the Wii U controller’s unique features.

Screen as primary view – I.e., allowing you to transfer play of the game between the TV and on-the-go around the house.
Screen as secondary view – Switch between rear-view mirror, overhead map, telemetry.
Primary input method – Drive by tilting the controller, on-screen buttons replicate the buttons/switches on a real wheel (push to toggle on/off or flip up/down).
Secondary input method – Manage decisions in the pits (swiping through tire choices, setting fuel amount).
Camera – personalise your profile, pose for the podium.
Menu navigation method – Flick photos from your gallery to the TV, private chat with team-mates.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. ddddd

    Just in case, the file can be found here

    clic the big “Read the Overview” button

    • F0

      Or you could just click the “source” link under the article. 😉

    • ddddd

      Or you could realise Im providing a way to find the document within the official site…

    • Wii U Dragon

      but the file is in the source…

  2. crackkat


  3. Jonny

    Epic…ness wow just wow now that is gonna be just great! along with chat and posing for profile account pic…. cool!!!!

  4. bielsa for barcalona

    advanced motion controls will bring racing games back to life the actual feel and physics of a car both wii motion plus and wiiu pad will enable this

    actual feel feedback and the ability to flick out and hold the cars back end and feel and react to the terrain your driving on in say a sega rally type game

    mario kart would be insane a analog stick simply cannot do this every single car with its own feel feedback response and physics only motion controls make this possible and wiiu pad is layed out and shaped very much like a race wheel from F1 or a rally car PERFECTION

  5. I just can’t wait for this game. Always wanted a real racing sim on a Nintendo console. There just haven’t been many…

  6. Nintendoftw

    So far Project cars is looking to be my favourite racing games at launch, but I’ll wait to see what that dirt game brings to the table first…

    • Hanko

      it won’t be there at launch. didn’t you read the article? the game comes out next year.

    • Nintendoftw

      … nope, just read about how it would use the remote XD

    • Wii U Dragon

      Project cars looks like its going to have the best graphics but i dont know… I likt dirt 😛

  7. Captainhowdy

    Awesome. This sounds interesting.

  8. DekuJohnny

    Sounds good, the whole transferring to your controller bit sounds worrying though. I mean yeah it’s the most awesome thing ever but I can imagine needing the toilet but not wanting to stop playing, so I decide to transfer the game across and play in the bathroom. I then look at the time three hours later realising my anus has fused to the seat.

  9. Guy Guy

    Yeah man!!!!