The Fine Print

By visiting and using this site, you agree to be bound by the following fine print. Wii U Go isn’t a major multinational corporation – in fact, it is primarily run from a student’s bedroom – so you can rest assured knowing it’s written in plain, sensible English.

Commenting Policy

Readers are encouraged to respond to our content by leaving comments on it. However, there are certain guidelines you’ve got to follow. Most importantly, we won’t tolerate swearing and senseless insulting. If we see any signs of that, your comment may be edited or even deleted entirely. As well, because Wii U Go is sponsored through online retailers, certain comments linking to retailers may be edited or removed, too. Other than that, we’re usually quite liberal with what we allow in our comment sections, so please enjoy them to their fullest!

Privacy Policy

Every time you download any kind of data from our server, some information about your request is recorded in the server’s logs. This includes your IP address, your browser, the exact file or files you downloaded, and the time at which the request was made. This data is collected purely for statistical purposes, and is a standard server procedure on any website you go to, not just Wii U Go. The information that is logged cannot be used to personally identify you – we see IP addresses in the logs, not names.

Additionally, Wii U Go is monitored by Google Analytics, which is an industry-standard statistical tracking tool. You can read Google’s own privacy policy for that here – don’t worry, it’s not very long. Google AdSense, a service we use to display ads on the site, has a privacy policy of its own as well.

Whenever you leave a comment on the site, your username, email address, IP address, and website URL (if you enter one) are stored in our database. Only the username and website URL you enter will ever be shown to the public – IP addresses are collected by the comment system in an effort to identify and thwart spam comments, and email addresses may be used by us to contact you directly if we feel it’s necessary for some reason.

None of the information we collect about you will ever be sold or passed on to a third party in any way aside from if ownership of the site changes.