Wii U drops GameCube backwards compatibility


Sorry GameCube, but it seems your days are finally over.

That’s it, to put it bluntly. Reggie confirmed just a couple of hours ago that the Wii U won’t play any GameCube games. Nintendo’s reason for this is unknown, but my bet is that they want to move on and leave the GameCube in the past. Before you ask, the new console doesn’t have any ports for GameCube controllers or memory cards, either.

Considering how many awesome games there were on the GameCube, though, I’m calling it right now that we’ll eventually see the best of them appear on the Wii U’s inevitable Virtual Console service.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wertville

    Good thing I have a hard-drive, then… Gamecube games are not as small as NES ones, that’s for sure

  2. Aaron Barton

    The real loss here is that you’ll no longer be able to plug in Gamecube controllers. This ability made Brawl actually playable. Now we have to buy a bunch of Classic Controller Pro’s, which actually aren’t even as good as GC pads. Oh well.

  3. RogerMyers JR

    This sucks.
    Horrible name, horrible logo, horrible “joystick”
    And now, i cant even play the gamecubes clasics…

  4. RogerMyers JR

    And how we gonna play ssmash bros with that shit screen controler (who in the world) uses nunchuck to play smash, and the VC controler, is cool, but not enought to play smash.

    • Biohazard

      How is the Classic Controller not enough? It has the same amount of buttons.

  5. Name (required)

    i use the nunchuck to play. i rather use the classic controller PRO than the GC. the GC feels awkward

  6. Limelight788

    This was expected, why did people not see this coming? Honestly, it should be the least of our worries, when we don’t know how long third-party support will likely last, how good the console will be, how we’re expected to do local multi-player games on the Wii-U, and other things.

  7. Andodel

    It had to happen eventually. Nintendo can’t keep continually adding in support for all of it’s older systems. If you love you GC games so much, then you should still have your GC.
    Rogers, the CCP is almost exactly the same as a GC controller except more buttons. The GC controller was rarely compatible with Wii games, due to it’s limited number of buttons. I personally love the new controller and console, although I do have to agree that Brawl just isn’t the same as previous SSBs without analog controllers.

  8. Supa64

    And this is why you should keep your older systems if you enjoy it still, I still have a gamecube but now I use my wii to play them, which is why I haven’t sold them. Don’t complain that Nintendo is actually trying to move on from an older system.

    Playing brawl on the wii u has no advantage either, it’ll be the same thing as the fucking wii version minus the controller stream shit. Classic Controller Pro is the closet you’ll get to Gamecube now, once wii u comes out.

  9. Epic Kirby

    I know it was a long shot but I had really been hoping that it would play Gamecube games 🙁 . But I guess that’s like expecting the 3DS to play gameboy advance games.

  10. Wertville

    Why do I feel like the only person who prefers the Nunchuck for brawl…

  11. Josh

    “We’ll eventually see the best of them appear on the Wii U’s inevitable Virtual Console service.” You stole the words right from my mouth, probably so they can re-sell em’ pfft, am a keep my Gamecube ^_^

    • no, i do it with nunchuck to, don’t be upset 😉

  12. Mariomaster1

    Twas good while it lasted, but seriously, the other controller types weren’t that hard to use. The Second Easiest and closest to the GameCube remote was the Classic Remote and its Pro model, the Wii Mote and Nunchuck combination wasn’t that hard to use, and the sideways Wii Mote was ok.