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Downloadable GameCube Titles could arrive on the Wii U

Nintendo very early on confirmed that no GameCube games will be playable on the Wii U. However, this was merely the discs – no downloads mentioned. During an interview, Amber McCollom, the Director of Entertainment & Trend Marketing at Nintendo of America, was asked asked about backwards compatibility in the Wii U, and said that “[a] number of the […]

Nintendo: Wii U will “bring back the core gamer”

In an interview with NintendoGal, Nintendo of America’s director of marketing seemed pretty confident that the Wii U would bring back the ‘core gamer’ “The Wii U and some of the games we showcased at our E3 Media Briefing will definitely bring back the core gamer,” Amber McCollom, director of marketing said. “A number of titles we […]

Wii U drops GameCube backwards compatibility

That’s it, to put it bluntly. Reggie confirmed just a couple of hours ago that the Wii U won’t play any GameCube games. Nintendo’s reason for this is unknown, but my bet is that they want to move on and leave the GameCube in the past. Before you ask, the new console doesn’t have any […]

Wii 2 will be the PlayStation 2 of the next generation

Paul Gale, the man who gave us the juicy rumour that Retro Studios is working on a Wii 2 project we all want, has received another interesting tidbit of info from a secret source of his. Nintendo’s new machine is powerful and though I hate to bash, it won’t be another Dreamcast. This will be […]

Super Mario Café to be shown at E3?

CVG claims to have heard word that Nintendo’s going to be showing off another Mario game that isn’t Super Mario 3DS at E3, quite possibly one for the Wii’s successor. They speculate that it may be a new Super Mario Galaxy title, but that’s just their own guess. But we’ve also heard another little whisper […]

Could SoulCalibur come back to Nintendo via the Wii 2?

A SoulCalibur game hasn’t been on a Nintendo console since SoulCalibur II released on the Nintendo GameCube, PS2 and Xbox in 2003 (Legends doesn’t count). The GameCube version of the fighting game has the highest Game Ranking of all the versions. This was at a time when a multi platform release of a game didn’t mean Nintendo […]

IGN “predicts” the Project Cafe launch lineup

Nintendo has taken on a fair amount of criticism after the 3DS’s launch, in that the selection of games for the system was mediocre at best. I’m sure a lot of you will agree that we don’t want the Wii’s successor to suffer from the same launch blues next year that the 3DS did. With this in […]

Why the Wii 2’s rumoured touchscreen controller makes perfect sense

Chris Kohler of has written a wonderful editorial on why it makes perfect sense for Nintendo’s next home console to have a touchscreen controller. It touches on Nintendo’s past attempts to add extra screens beyond the TV to the living room, and presents several likely reasons for why the Wii’s wireless connectivity to the […]