411Mania: Wii 2 Before Xbox 720 & PlayStation 4

Mario and Crash Bandicoot towering over Bill Gates

Four writers at the popular culture site 411mania sat down and had a Q&A among themselves about video games. One of the questions they asked themselves was which company of the big three was going to be the first to launch an entirely new console, when they would do it, and why. Their exact opinions were somewhat mixed, but three of the four of them voted for Nintendo, and the general consensus among them was that we would see it some time in 2012.

The main reason for this – and it’s a logical one – was that Nintendo would be too focused on marketing the 3DS in 2011 to worry about pushing out a new home console. Once the 3DS catches on and begins to sell with less direct effort, Nintendo will be ready to dedicate some of their mass marketing resources to the Wii’s successor.

Justin Weinblatt believes that Reggie lied when he gave us a time around which to expect the Wii 2 – most likely to better surprise us when it does get announced – but said that if he was telling the truth, it wouldn’t at all be implausible because “Microsoft and Sony just released Wii-esque peripherals to extend the lifespan of their consoles, so they clearly have no plans to release a new console.”

The possibility of Apple barging into the console gaming space was also brought up, as they have (albeit almost unintentionally) currently taken over the handheld market – but considering that gaming has actually never been Apple’s thing, it’s improbable they’ll design a device specifically dedicated to it.

You can read the full discussion here, which includes a little love for Sony as well.

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  1. Roy

    Nice work Feld0
    I wonder if you’d like to post this article on the Wii 2 i wrote for another site. http://nintendocharged.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/my-wii-2-wishlist/
    I <3 the site.

  2. Roy

    and yes I’m roy from the forums 😀

  3. wiiboy101

    not untill its ready people are speaking console war in the era of distruption, there no console war anymore its over and kinect is x720 thats the whole point microsoft have no intention of doing so its kinect success or bust 20 billion has been wasted on xbox zune cell phone op systems etc and not one penny made back in profit,,, kinect ad campain is half a billion and phone 7 ad campain is half a billion so another 1 billion wasted windows share in op systems for smart phones is going down not up and its like 4% with apple android and blackberry running the show,, i dont ever see xbox 720 happening and ps4 also, if sony do go ahead i think maybe a handheld ps3 that plugs into the tv as ps4 just a shrunk ps3 so to speak move has flopped kinect has flopped so what on earth are they going to base there new consoles on,the only option is smaller x360 with kinect at low price called x720 and a ps3 small with move calling its self ps4 that is not going to succeed…..

    move has failed to shift 1 million units in the whole of america including south america and canada wii remote is over 65 milion units in usa alone wm+ is at 30 million plus everything the competiton offer is tiny in comparason,,, i do not see competing consoles from them ps3 still sells at a loss to this day and xbox still struggles to turn any cash around and then theres the huge losses that will never be recovered…

    then theres microsoft investors they want xbox zune and phone 7 to go away they are asking microsoft to go back to there core bussiness pc’s and drop xbox devision…

    xbox 1 4 billion loss,, x360 5 billion loss,, x360 red light of death 1 billion loss kinect and phone 7 ad campain 1 billion and zune a huge multi million loss everything outside of windows and office looses billions at microsoft…

    ps3 6 billion loss then theres the multi billion loss of cell cpu and the slowing tv and pc sales sony are screwed…

    psp 2 would be destroyed by 3DS just think sony and microsoft are in a hard place ex sony manager even suggested a microsoft and sony combined console vs nintendo and the industry keeps talking up android windows and apple and how we all will play games on tablets in the future why are they saying this because nintendo has won and there trying to invent a future that doesnt have nintendo in it its all anti nintendo properganda…

    thats why mark rein talks of iphone and ipad and a microsft ipad as if 3DS dont exist he fears it….

    wii shall be number 1 selling system for 2010 along with DS x360 and ps3 still behind if nintendo just keeps walking along with good wii sales and strong 3DS sales then whats the point of ps3 and x360 there huge loss makers and cannot out sell wii and DS

    even if x360 and ps3 sold twice as many units than wii for the next 3 years solid they will still never ever catch the wii userbase and as for motion controls theres no hope wii remote is at over 100 million units and growing kinect will never reach 25 million in ten years its GAME-OVER

  4. wiiboy101

    but a sony deal with nintendo and a wii 2 that plays wii games and all ps3 games also and combines classic pad and wii remote and nunchuck both with wm+ would be end game for everyone else just maybe hhmmmmmm two japaneese companys shutting out microsoft and apple the only two who have any chance just maybe sony will go cap in hand to nintendo

    • Wolvesgod

      Nintendo all ready tried to coroperate with Sony beforfe, remember the N64? It was supposed to be Sony’s and Nintendo’s console.

    • F0

      Actually, that was the SNES. The N64 was all Nintendo’s doing.

      What is interesting, though, is that the MIPS processor used in the N64 was first presented and offered to Sony. They turned it down, so it was then taken to Nintendo, who immediately jumped on it when they realized how powerful a chip it was.

  5. Yeah, I do think Nintendo is going to put the Wii 2 earlier than the Xbox 720 and PS4. I think the PS4 will be the last to be available in stores as Sony has been quoted many times stating that the PS3 should last ten years. I don’t think it will…but that’s just me!

  6. wiiboy101

    10 years thing only started wen wii wipped its ass it was a made up excuse OH-OH-ERM YES Wii selling great but are console is for 10 years, its no different to i didnt loose the fight to a girl i fell YEAH OK DUDE WE ERM BELIEVE YOU….sony had 10 billion war chest wen ps3 released ps3 has lost 6 billion sony corp bled another few billion so weres the cash ,its all gone there 3D tvs will not save them sony will operate at loss again this year..