A closer look at Nintendo Direct’s zombie “game”

One of GoNintendo’s readers took some decent-looking screenshots of the zombie-themed “game” that was shown during the GamePad trailer in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation. Glimpses of the TV screen were interspersed very briefly between shots of the living room, and you can check the shots out for yourself after the break.

It’s up in the air right now whether this is actually a real game or not. Considering the rather low quality of the graphics (and Nintendo’s showing almost nothing of them), I’m inclined to say that it was a brief montage put together solely for demonstration purposes.

That’s only my personal guess, though. What do you think?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wolf

    Had better be purely for demonstration purposes. Those gfx are barely Wii quality.

  2. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    wtf they have it pointed at a british soldier?!?!
    He’s not even an zombie!!

  3. Alkaia

    Well, zombies sure are ugly face. All these remind me of Biohazard 1 & 2 on PS.. Trailer not bad, may looking forward to this.

    • Alkaia

      Nope, graphic not my main concern. Is the gameplay feel. RE 4 used different concept of zombies.

  4. insert name

    well i think it is the same game , because the london themed zombies = london themed teaser .
    i expect that nintendo shows a lot of games and third party support , cause ubilol sucks .

  5. JCS

    After the Ubisoft presentation I would guess this is ZombieU

  6. kriki232

    this is an actual game called zombiu it was shown at ubisoft

  7. Meelow

    I’m hoping this isn’t Zombi U, the CGI graphics where like 100x better then this and this would be really disappointing to show this for a next gen 1080p HD console, hopefully this is just really early development or the Zombie Nintendo Direct is just a tech demo used for the video.

    • Leon Fletcher

      You do realise this was taken from a video
      When you film a TV screen, the resolution is usually downgraded and I also think they wanted you to focus more on the use of the Wii U’s Miiverse in stead of the game

  8. Trulaw

    His hands look just as bad as they did from back when it was Killer Freaks on the early Wii U dev kits and what kind of a name is Zombie U and why did they change it from being about aliens and why don’t the graphics look 6 years better than the games we already have on the XBOX360 and PS3?

  9. Alkaia

    Killer freak became Zombie freak.. Should I hype for this???

  10. josh

    Given the English ‘bobbies’ in the screenshot I’d guess this was ZombiU. Hopefully from an early build because the graphics weren’t exactly great.

    I’m pretty damn disappointed that it’s changed from Killer Freaks to be honest as I’m not a big fan of zombie games and what we saw of Freaks last year looked great fun, and humourous to boot. I loved the idea of playing through a cheesy British B-movie style game.

    • Trulaw

      Yeah, I was looking foreword to that too.