A closer look at the Wii U console and tablet controller

The Japanese website Inside Games was fortunate enough to get close to a Wii U console that wasn’t locked into a bulletproof capsule, and took a few nice close-up shots of it for us. Hit the break to see all seven of their pictures!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. ridgeback

    the vents alone say breath my mighty chip set breath

    a x360+ level machine would fit in a wii sizef box using new tech sizes look at system on chip like tegra 2 and ion and ion 2 net books etc

    for a 2012 release the casing is over 40% bigger and vents all over it

    and a japaneese web site claims again custom ati 4850/90 gpu the size and vents look to prove this

    a ion 2 with loads of ram could do x360 stuff and they would fit in a wii casing with ease 4x usb 2 back 2 front a nintendo video out and a hdmi LOVELY xxx

  2. abbe

    long console is looooooooooooooooong

  3. Adam

    Really… Are fanboys so threaten by Wii U where they need to shoot it or destroy it? Wat no lifes!

  4. Jmaster720

    TBH that long console looks very ugly If it comes in a variety of different colors that would be better

  5. Complain, complain, complain! That’s all people do in our society–complain! Heck, I”m complaining about us complaining!

    Hey, the console’s a little bigger than the Wii was to accommodate all the extra-tech-sexiness inside. Nintendo just needed a bigger boat with the Wii U, that’s all. It’s no big deal. Sheesh!

    It won’t be long when you put it on the shelves of your home entertainment systems, and quite honestly, who buys a console to look at? It’s slightly more elongated, but it’s not THAT long–it’s certainly much smaller than a PS3 or 360 and you don’t see any of PS3/360 owners complaining. It’s what comes out of it that counts.

    And actually, you’re only going to see the front of the machine anyways–the face of it is not ugly, and you know Nintendo–we might even get faceplates for the front. Better sleek, slim, and an attractive pearl white than being all fat, clunky and donning the most boring color for a console of dust-colllecting black.

    • But I do hope for more colors. Take a cue from the Nintendo 64 and bring colors back to console gaming again!

    • Jmaster720

      Geez man calm down