A ‘leaked’ Project Café specs sheet

An image has just started circulating the web, which purports to be a sheet of the Wii 2’s technical specifications. It looks plausible, and is more or less in line with what we’ve been hearing about the console’s specs so far (minus the quad-core CPU – we’ve only heard reports of a tri-core so far), but then again, this isn’t exactly my field of expertise, so I’ll let you judge its authenticity for yourself.

Leaked Project Café Specs

So here we go again. Fake or not? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. wet and wild gamer

    total and utter rubbish XDR ram is rambus ram nintendo will never use clunky ram bus based ram after it ruined N64’s performance and ps2’s rsm bus ram is basically hated by nintendo,looks a total fake and why so much gddr3….EDram fast ram and then a pool of slow ram I EXPECTED THAT ,but ram bus XDR i really dont see it happening unless its cheap and xdr 2 is actually fast unlike that XDR crap in ps3 thats fake fast

    no mention of ibm EDRAM ether hhhmmmmmmm BOGUS

    Also the spec sheet dont look genuine more like a fanboy mock up and why of writing

    i honest to god dont see xdr being used unless ram bus has confinced nintendo some how

  2. boywii101

    who ever put this fake together is an idiot…fact 1 nintendo will never ever put a hard drive in a console total BS flash drive and flash card slot yes hard drive NEVER

    fact 2 nintendo hates ram bus ram XDR2 is ram bus ram they hate clunky ram and were burned on n64 by its poor performance they always use FAST RAM or FAST RAM AND SLOW RAM…

    he was doing so well until the ram and hard drive BS

    • Raph

      “nintendo will never ever put a hard drive in a console total BS”

      how do you know that?

  3. 1234 those spcs faked by a hardly core

    anyone know the story about n64 ram well if you dont,just dont expect that ram,harddrive in a nintendo ““all righty then””

  4. knux03

    Waiting for the e3 ……i think is fake im still like wow another retard made a picture file but in the end is like wow this might be legit then in the end we cry ,we laughs , blah blah blah but it looks good to me but i never seen so many display ports or imaging the video cables that to me is possible ok but im still putting my foot down FAKE!!

  5. wet and wild gamer

    how do sane people know nintendo wont put a harddrive in a games console EVERY GAMER SHOULD HAVE GAMING COMMONSENSE nintendo hates moving parts hardrives have moving parts = easy to break and corrupt by children and teens bashing the unit around and also hardrives wear out over a rather short period of time wii , DS ,3DS are all flash drives NEXT GEN hard drives are 1950s tech and nintendo went solid flash memory with n64 and never looked back wii having avsolid state flash drive and wii 2 having older tech hardrive makes no sense whats so ever thats OLD GEN not NEXT GEN and anyone whos seen a pc or ps3 yitted with a solid state drive knows that they destroy hard drives at loading speed winows is faster with flash as is ps3 ,as is wii fs if 9t had a hardrive

    1950s slow loading high heat producing high power drainage hard drive in a NINTENDO dream on !!!!!!!!!!

  6. mate of wiiboy101

    right no hardrive its not the nintendo way

    no xdr ram its shit slow vs edram and 1t sram and z ram and fc ram WHY USE SLOW RAMBUS RAM nintendo hate it..

    and something i forgot to say POWER6 is a inline cpu crap vs a out of order cpu broadway is POWERPC out of order vs ps3 and x360s RUBBISH ATOM LIKE INLINE CPU CORES NOWN AS POWERPE NOT POWERPC there a much lesser type of core

    no way is nintendo dropping out of order for old ass inline cpu 1 its far less powerful per clock and secondly its not suited to backward play of wii games

    new broadway like wiiboy101s find or g5 or power 7 i think something along the line of wiiboys idea is far more likely

    no inline cpu in wii 2 im sure powerpc not powerpe…..

  7. Grape020

    What screams fake about this image…. First the “For internal use only” water mark, most commonly used in any Microsoft office program, Nintendo would be using a water mark created specifically in house.
    Second “Project cafe”; if this was a final spec sheet, it would have the REAL console name, not “Project cafe.” After all I’m sure Nintendo would know the actual name of their FINAL build.
    Third and the most notable! “BLUE-RAY”
    Blue-Ray is owned by Sony, and it will be a cold day in Hell when Nintendo, or Microsoft for that matter will hand over cash in royalties to a competitor.

  8. Javier

    Nintendo isn’t going to reveal the exact specification for their next gen ever. That’s the Nintendo way for the past years. So FAKE FAKE FAKE…

  9. Thinktank

    So fake its almost riddicolous. SDHC capicaty up to 64 GB, wtf?

  10. ...

    “nintendo hates moving parts”
    ah, so that’s why they will use discs AGAIN instead of cards which are utterly cheap if you don’t make them DS-like small

  11. Blu-ray and hard drive is what makes this thing seem the most fake. But then again it does say custom blu-ray. However, I just can’t see Nintendo with a hard drive. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. Adam

    Like many people say, “Nintendo is making this one right!” So hard drive is possible. custom blu ray is a maybe. The internal use only thing is an inside job(I guess) cuz u can easily save the screenshot and send it to a source. The project cafe name is there for the console name secritcy. Im saying a maybe real.

  13. Christian

    this specs seems to bee to good to be true…….however I belive they are true, or as close as we can get the truth…
    But to belive that Sony never would give one of their competitors the chance to use Blu-ray because they own the brand is just nonsens… Why? Because I think it would be a very smart move of Sony to let Nintendo use Blu-ray on their upcoming console.
    What I mean is that for every console that Nintendo sales Sony will make an earning. And we all now that Nintendo is good when it comes to sale consoles in big numbers and I think that Sony want´s a piece of that cake.

    As a last thing I´ve come over this link of a list that compares the new Nintendo console´s specs with the Xbox 360´s and the PS3. Read and enjoy:)


  14. Shawn

    But to be compitible with Wii and Gamecube their would have to be “1T-SRAM” instead of XDR plus a Macronix DSP for audio. I imagine the Macronix DSP would be enhanced and overclocked to support discrete 3D HTRF 5.1 audio instead of virtual pro logic II surround sound. Plus Blu Ray belongs to Sony so Nintendp can’t use their competiters format.

  15. Sony let Nintendo use the Blu-Ray Media? WTF? just because of this I believe this is fake. otherwise I would believe it.