Author: Archie96

Nintendo discusses the Wii U’s name

Katsuya Eguchi, game designer and manager at Nintendo, discussed the ‘Wii’ in the Wii U, explaining that… …there were also things [with Wii] that we weren’t able to accomplish with that system, that we would have liked to see in it. Wii U is kind of the natural progression in looking at what we did, how we […]

Downloadable GameCube Titles could arrive on the Wii U

Nintendo very early on confirmed that no GameCube games will be playable on the Wii U. However, this was merely the discs – no downloads mentioned. During an interview, Amber McCollom, the Director of Entertainment & Trend Marketing at Nintendo of America, was asked asked about backwards compatibility in the Wii U, and said that “[a] number of the […]