Downloadable GameCube Titles could arrive on the Wii U

Nintendo very early on confirmed that no GameCube games will be playable on the Wii U. However, this was merely the discs – no downloads mentioned.

Super Mario Sunshine + Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker live here!

During an interview, Amber McCollom, the Director of Entertainment & Trend Marketing at Nintendo of America, was asked asked about backwards compatibility in the Wii U, and said that “[a] number of the games that were playable on GameCube can be downloaded from WiiWare.”

It seems like a strange thing to mention so early on, and with no confirmation from a higher place, you may want to take this news with a pinch of salt.

However, when Nintendo of America was directly asked a few days later, they gave a similarly fishy response…

To clarify the capabilities of the Wii U system: As correctly stated, Wii U will not play Nintendo GameCube discs, however Nintendo has not made any announcements regarding downloadable content. 

This seems quite strange. Nintendo could have easily given a straight no. This definitely suggests that, even if they haven’t commenced doing it, they are considering the possibility of GameCube games on Wii U.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Mariomaster1

    The part that seems unappealing to me is that chances are we would have to start over our downloaded games completely! No GameCube remote’s being usable isn’t a big deal with the whole usability of the Classic Remote/Classic Remote Pro, but the high chance of GameCube Memory cards not being supported is the big part :(. I mean sure, some games may not be hard to beat all over again, but others can really take up your time! For example in my Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door file I’m still trying to reach level 100, I’m only at 94 0_o! Also, if they were to throw Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on there, I wouldn’t be able to see my still existing Chaos….and let me tell you, I’ve had to restart that part of the game too many times T.T

    • FL767

      Of course, it could be for the best as far as continuity goes. Pokemon is a grand example! Perhaps the updated versions of one of the Gamecube Pokemon RPGS- Colosseum and XD: GaD would be able to migrate Pokemon directly into Black and White or perhaps have full-on trading capabilities with the possible RS remakes. And then you bring up Chao, which also may have the GCN GBA rebooted into 3DS Wii U connectivity in the form of the hinted Sonic Adventure 3DS mentioned very out-of-place by the talkative guy from SEGA Mexico. Of course, it’s wishful thinking, and i’m not trying to stomp on your thought there: the very reason i did not pick up OoT 3D was because i’m still working very hard on the Wii VC release of the game.

    • Mariomaster1

      No offense taken, man.

    • Jmaster720

      I’m replaying that game right now I’m now at the palace of shadow 😛
      I you don’t need to get to level 100 to beat the game… thats pointless
      but yeah bummer about sonic AD:2 Chao gardens aren’t really my thing anyway so I wouldn’t mind VERY Apealing to people who haven’t been able to play the epic games we did. (I still haven’t played animal crossing) 🙁

    • Mariomaster1

      I’m kind of a perfectionist when I get that deep into a game’s playability, collecting every badge, filling up the tattle log, cooking all recipes, etc. It’s just not as easy to reach the max level as it was in the first Paper Mario, due to the fact you could only reach level 26 or something and then that was it. Hmmm, I wonder how much stuff there will be incorporated within Paper Mario 3DS’ storyline……I know for sure I want another Pit of 100 Trials, they’re fun!

  2. andodel

    Since I still have my GC, and will be keeping my Wii, playing GC games wasn’t a huge necessity for me. I kind of figured they wouldn’t have it, since it makes more sense to not try to linger in the past. Compatibility with the previous generation is almost necessary, but anything before is more of a gift.
    If they did make them downloadable, I’d would still end up buying some, mostly games that I don’t currently have.

    • Jmaster720

      You could play them remastered in full HD with all the features updated (For :EXample) take kirby air Ride I play city trial alot but I cant stand the fact that there is an online feature not supported on the wii… no one has a game cube no more…… yeaH HUGE NECESSITY for you if you want to play games you didn’t get to play….or your memory card gets to old and dies just like mine did T_T

  3. IWATA

    One question:
    How can the WiiU be compatibel to Wii, but not to GC?
    Many Wii Games use GC Controllers, for instance Mario Kart.
    I think the Wii is a GameCube with motion controll input.
    So why no GC compatibility??

    • xcgdfg

      Because that would require the disk drive to accept the small disks. The Wii disk drive is the most expensive part of the system because it can switch from small disks to regular disks, and there’s no way that the Wii U would be able to be 100% backwards compatible like the Wii because you would need controller ports. That is why Wiimotes dont work when you play Gamecube games on Wii.

    • 0003mg

      Actually, any disk drive can read mini-dvd. The problem is the Wii had a “mini Gamecube” in it to switch into Gamecube mode when playing one of its games, which means the Wii U will have a mini Wii inside it and switch into Wii mode to play Wii games.

  4. Captainhowdy

    Nintendo should do HD remakes like Sony and Microsoft are doing for there games. Eternal Darkness would benefit greatly from it.