Best Buy and Amazon drop Wii price to $170 – just an Easter promotion?

On the heels of the rumour Engadget started about a May 15th price cut for the Wii, Best Buy and Amazon have slashed the price they sell the Wii for. The new price is $170. also claims that Target will follow with an identical drop of their own come Monday. While it doesn’t quite reach the $150 mark from Engadget’s story, some other sites think it’s a “pre-cut” in anticipation of the rumoured May one – that, or they know something we don’t.

Wii Price Cut Internal Memo (Target)

An internal Target memo posted as evidence of this rumour.

However, I think it’s more likely that the “drops” we’re seeing aren’t, in reality, anything that exciting – the UK retailer GAME confirmed that a similar cut to £99.98 was nothing more than an Easter promotion. Further evidence that the cuts are only temporary is that on both Best Buy and Amazon, the Wii is marked as being on sale, with the original $199.99 price simply being struck through rather than replaced. Lastly, and Future Shop (a major Canadian Electronics retailer owned by Best Buy) aren’t running any price drops, either – though I should add that is.

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  1. Well, I can’t remember what retailer(s) did this but when the Wii got its first price cut from $250 to $200 multiple retailers had a $250 crossed out with a $200 underneath. So that doesn’t mean much.

    And Easter? Ha, that’s what they want us to think. >.> <.<

  2. Derrick


    you need to update your wii 2 release date to (the rumored) late 2012

    • F0

      Done. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂

    • Derrick


      Always happy to help 😀 Also, does ANYONE know how to change your pic?

    • F0

      Go set up an account at Gravatar. That’s how avatars on all WordPress-powered blogs work. 🙂