Bink Video is available on Wii U

Bink Video Logo

Bink is a popular codec that is most commonly used to encode pre-rendered sequences in video games. It’s well known among developers for its efficient compression and high quality videos at all kinds of resolutions, and has been used in the industry for years. Chances are, you’ve played more than a few games that rely on it to deliver their cutscenes.

Thus, it shouldn’t come as too great a surprise that RAD Game Tools has brought Bink to the Wii U. The changelog on their site notes that Wii U support was first implemented on December 14, 2011, but was switched to “Wii-U SDK 2.04” on May 5, 2012 just a couple of weeks ago (which is further indication of the existence of multiple different Wii U dev kits).

I know this isn’t necessarily the most exciting piece of news, but Bink is a well known tool in the industry and the ready availability of technology that developers are already familiar with will only help the Wii U spread and succeed.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. uPadWatcher

    It’s great to have BINK Video to showcase videos like the main opener, closing credits, etc.

  2. Nollog

    We knew this 4 months ago.
    They’ve been working with the Wii U SDK since e3 2011.

  3. hi there whats bink video is it like netflix or youtube

  4. 54321

    is this article worthy for real HUH its kinda obvious