Bloober Team is bringing “Medium” to the Wii U

Medium Game Logo

That mysterious phone call that went out over the weekend turned out to be a viral marketing stunt not for the Wii U itself, but for a game coming to it known only as Medium.

Medium is developed by Bloober Team, a Polish studio, and the game is coming to the Wii U as well as pretty much every other platform under the sun. Not much is known about it except that it will offer a “completely new model of gameplay”. There is a teaser site for it located here, but not much to see on it.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. N_S

    So it’s coming to every platform, and yet it’s biggest advertisement yet pushed the Wii U farther than it pushed itself?

    I fail to see the logic, but i certainly don’t mind! xD