Capcom Europe COO wants “single-format future”

David Reeves Capcom Europe COO

Here’s something for those of you sick to death of the so-called “console wars.” David Reeves, the COO of Capcom Europe, is worried that despite the renewed interest new hardware launches bring, they are ridiculously expensive for publishers because they have to adapt to the new hardware, secure new development kits, and so on.

It’s true to say that there is nothing like a hardware launch to invigorate the market for retailers and publishers, but there’s also nothing like a hardware launch to lose two billion dollars in two years.

I guess my hope is that in ten or 15 years there will just be a single, standard gaming platform. Maybe that’s anti-capitalistic of me.

As utopian as that future sounds, I don’t see the competition between the three giants of the gaming industry simmering down anytime soon. Although each has endured some noteworthy losses, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are all still clearly going at it to create a bigger and better gaming experience on their respective platforms.

Source: MCV

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  1. Wolvesgod

    That will never happen, unless any of the current console manufacturers wish to stop productions of their product, the three major producers; Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are making money. (might be just recently, for sony and microsoft… but they are finally making money.)

    Nintendo’s image is video game consoles; no one knows or really cares about their past involvements in industrys (hotel, taxi, and so on), so I don’t see them changing, and with home consoles they seem to have the right mind of what a game console should be.

    Microsoft is usually imaged as a Computer OS company; everyone knows Microsoft in the Computer industry, but their systems, and OS might depend on eachother, for an image in “quality” electronic systems. so they are trying to make the “future home” where everything runs on one thing.

    Sony’s image is power-house; they might loose a lot of money, and god knows how a company can be in business still after loosing a lot of money, on sells and development, but they seem to still be alife. so they are too stubborn to change.