Cloudberry Kingdom is coming to the Wii U

Cloudberry Kingdom, the game that has been dubbed “the hardest platformer ever”, has been confirmed to be coming to Nintendo’s next home console. It’s clever AI allows the game’s difficulty range to go from easy to masochistic. Pwnee Studios have now confirmed that the game will be available on the Wii U as well as Steam.

We have been getting a lot of questions about whether or not you can get a copy of the game for the Wii U. And the new answer is yes!!! Both the regular edition and Special Coder’s Edition will be available.

Pwnee Studios have placed the game on Kickstarter so if you would like to help the project head over there now. Continue reading for its gloriously crazy trailer.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Nintendoftw

    looks insane.

  2. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    Is there a princess to rescue??
    Because it seems weird the characters are do’n this for no reason.

  3. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    Oh yah, they should give us a Wii U demo, just to see if I could win all the challenges and tell my friends, “THIS IS HARDCORE!!!” <:)

  4. dc5jdm2006

    Why is it a lot like super Mario the way the stages are designed and even the obstacles with the spinning fireballs?

  5. suportedcofe

    To beat that on hardcore would be like the biggest achievement ever.

  6. Hylianhero64

    This is an example of why the Wii U needs an achievement system. I can picture them now:

    Average Joe: Survived Hardcore mode for 1 second!
    Fanatical Masochist: Survived Hardcore mode for 5 seconds!
    Holy Shit, How’d you do that?!: Survived Hardcore mode for 10 seconds!
    Why Hello, Jesus. Didn’t think you’d like video games. : Survived Hardcore mode for 20 seconds!
    OK, your obviously hacking. Please stop. : Survived Hardcore mode for 40 seconds!

    Anybody have any more?

  7. aguy

    anyone else think one of the characters has links hat? and another one ripped a toads head off and put it on them as a hat?

  8. Josh

    Level designer on the touchscreen could be quite nice with this. Especially if the network is robust enough to allow sending them to your friends.