Darksiders II is ‘completely running’ on the Wii U, will be a launch title

There’s been some confusion lately because much of the footage we’ve seen of Wii U projects has actually been lifted from their PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions. This naturally raised the question of whether Nintendo has something to hide from us, power-wise.

Darksiders II

Well, leave it to THQ to lighten up your concerns, as they’ve come out and declared that Darksiders II runs perfectly well on the Wii U, and looks every bit as good on it as on the current-generation HD twins.

It apparently took developer Vigil Games only 5 weeks to port the game over. THQ’s Danny Bilson even claimed that the game was in a very much presentable state, but Nintendo didn’t allow them to bring the game to E3, as they didn’t want any full games being shown for the system this early on. From the sound of the interview, it sounds like the game very well may actually be complete already, so it should come as no surprise that it’s the first confirmed launch title for the system, too.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Good news and bad news

    Well very good news that it is so easy to port to the Wii U, this means releasing multi-platform titles on it are a no-brainer for third party devs.

    A shame we are not allowed to see actual existing game graphics on the machine. Perhaps Ninty are hoping THQ will tweak them and somehow make them prettier than the PS360 versions?

  2. Wiiu? hell yeah i will!!!

    IM SORRY BUT THIS IS HARDLY-CORE IGNORANCE it says nothing about wiiu or nintendo or the fans

    its ps3 and x360 fans who have this DERANGED ISSUE i dont see how pre existing footage says a darn thing about wii u’s power

    how does a already existing x360 trailer prove anything to do with wiiu IT DOESN’T i dont see how a already made multiplatform trailer that existed ALREADY says anything about wiiu

    the hardcores as they call themselves are nothing of the sort there sony and ms fans calling themselves the core and there on average 12 freaking years old

    they are the ones looking studid they said the footage was SUB X30 SUB PS3 and the graphics were crap

    ONLY TO THEN FIND OUT IT WAS X30/PS3 FOOTAGE HOW FREAKING STUPID DO THEY LOOK NOW hahahahahahahahaha hard-core at being DUMB……..

    • Epic Kirby

      Still, I don’t see why Nintendo couldn’t have just used Wii u footage :/

    • Heat

      You´re absolutly right. In another forum, a guy said Core Gamer are boys from 12- 25 . he included himself. laughed my ass of^^