Darksiders II will not feature multiplayer

Darksiders II, one of the first games confirmed to be making its way to the Wii U at launch will not have multiplayer features due to technical difficulties. Vigil Games had been considering multiplayer for Darksiders II but technical hurdles got in the way.

“You almost have to make four games. You’ve got completely different animation sets. It’s 800 to 1,000 animations for Death alone and they’re all unique. One thing great about working with Joe [Madureira] is that he comes up with awesome characters but they have completely different proportions, so you can’t share any of the animations across them. Of course there’s balancing with the different abilities. We’re going to want them to play differently, so we wanted to spend some time developing each of the characters individually.”

When asked whether multiplayer could be a possibility in a future Darksiders title Marvin Donald of Vigil said:

“It’s too soon to say. Multiplayer is definitely something we want, but this time around we’re not quite ready for it,”

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. zxride64

    I can understand, the time and resources used on making each character could be used to make the rest of the game better.

  2. Biohazard

    I can’t imagine a game like Darksiders II with multiplayer anyway. The story and gameplay design looks like it was specifically designed to be played solo, like the Devil May Cry or the God of War series.

  3. londondude

    the only thing worse than eating dog dirt or child abuse IS TACKED ON FOR NO REASON ONLINE AND MULTI-PLAY its that bad..

    metroid no COD yes thats the holy rule of multi player ,im fed up with low qaulity multi player destroying game qaulity …i wouldnt want it in this kind of title unless it was a fun mini game like zelda DS mini game fun

  4. George Tirebiter

    Didn’t expect they would. Not everything needs multiplayer, after all.

  5. GHEShus

    dont tell neogaf they dont get commonsense…