Deep Silver are planning to develop something for the Wii U?

Dead Island

According to MyNintendoNews, the developers of Dead Island are looking to develop something for Nintendo’s newest console. A reader of their blog has been contacting third party developers to discover whether they intend to develop something for the Wii U. The reader recently received a fairly positive response from the developers at Deep Silver.

Hi ___________,

Yes, we do expect to develop games for Wii U.

Note: If you reply to this Email please do not edit the subject line. Thank you!

Best regards

Deep Silver Inc.
900 Larkspur Landing Circle, Suite 103
Larkspur CA 94939 / USA
Fax: 415-524-8709

Although this is promising, it is still quite a vague answer. Hopefully we will hear more about their plans to develop games for the Wii U soon.

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