Do Gaijin Games have a Wii U dev kit?

According to a recent tweet from the studio’s Twitter account, it’s certainly possible that the creators of Bit.Trip may have a Wii U in the house.

I wonder what this mysterious device on my desk is... Let's see... It has a giant touchscreen, a camera, microphone... It's white... Hm...
Gaijin Games

Gaijin later denied that the “mysterious device” was an iPad, which leaves us with an accurate description of the Wii U’s controller. If that’s the case, it’s great to see a relatively small independent developer gaining access to the console this early into its lifespan and may be proof that Nintendo truly are making efforts to reach out beyond big-budget giants like EA and Ubisoft.

Of course, they haven’t outright confirmed that their “device” was a Wii U, either; but really, how many pieces of electronic hardware can you think of that are white, have a “giant touchscreen”, a microphone, a camera, and get a games developer excited?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Hylianhero64

    It’s Nintendo’s new 3DS remodel – a gigantic Ice White 3DS. That’s gotta be it. But seriously, I really hope that Gaijin makes a port of Bit.Trip Runner 2.

  2. Mariomaster1

    That’s what it appears the Tweet is implying….but like the above says it could be the Ice White 3DS Model *shrugs* Wait a minute, Hylianhero64…..that sound like the guy who helped get back online elsewhere >.> Maybe no though….

  3. kk

    could be a ps vita….

    • zxride64

      possible but he said the color is white like the Wii U and its controller, while the Vita is black. But dev kits could be in a different color.