Do Gaijin Games have a Wii U dev kit?

According to a recent tweet from the studio’s Twitter account, it’s certainly possible that the creators of Bit.Trip may have a Wii U in the house.

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Gaijin later denied that the “mysterious device” was an iPad, which leaves us with an accurate description of the Wii U’s controller. If that’s the case, it’s great to see a relatively small independent developer gaining access to the console this early into its lifespan and may be proof that Nintendo truly are making efforts to reach out beyond big-budget giants like EA and Ubisoft.

Of course, they haven’t outright confirmed that their “device” was a Wii U, either; but really, how many pieces of electronic hardware can you think of that are white, have a “giant touchscreen”, a microphone, a camera, and get a games developer excited?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Hylianhero64

    It’s Nintendo’s new 3DS remodel – a gigantic Ice White 3DS. That’s gotta be it. But seriously, I really hope that Gaijin makes a port of Bit.Trip Runner 2.

  2. Mariomaster1

    That’s what it appears the Tweet is implying….but like the above says it could be the Ice White 3DS Model *shrugs* Wait a minute, Hylianhero64…..that sound like the guy who helped get back online elsewhere >.> Maybe no though….

  3. kk

    could be a ps vita….

    • zxride64

      possible but he said the color is white like the Wii U and its controller, while the Vita is black. But dev kits could be in a different color.