Dragon Quest X’s job system detailed

Accompanying today’s batch of screenshots were some details on Dragon Quest X Online‘s job system. The jobs players take on will allow them to make specific items and embark on quests related to their position, some of which will change on a daily basis.

You get a job by registering at an in-game location called the Guild House, after which you’ll immediately acquire the ability to create items, which you can either use yourself or sell for a profit. Recipes, however, are required to create items, which can be purchased from shops and found in secret locations.

The actual creation of items is done through mini-games. Now, I know some of you might wince just by hearing that word, but I personally think that a well-crafted mini-game will feel much more personal and rewarding than a simple “click here to make this item” mechanism.

As you gain experience in your job, you’ll level up and learn skills specific to your job, which will in turn allow you to easily create more valuable items.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Lene

    What is shown on this screenshot really makes me think they did a hard work on this system. It looks interesting.

  2. Interesting indeed!