E3 promo videos for Wii 2 have been filmed, models chosen by their hands

This is definitely an unusual little bit of news. The Twitter user superannuation claims to have been told by an insider source that all of Nintendo’s E3 promotional videos for their new console have already been filmed, and that all of the models were chosen “based on their hands. In a further tweet, he elaborated a bit on what exactly Nintendo had been looking for:

[blackbirdpie id=”65240877387366400”]

Assuming this tidbit is, of course, true, the only reason I can think of that Nintendo would be after models with good-looking hands is if hands played a major role in controlling the new system – ergo, it ties in perfectly with all the rumours of a tablet-like touchscreen controller.

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  1. I guess Nintendo doesn’t even want dirt on their prototype consoles up for display. And Feld0, how did you put the tweet up like that with all the buttons actually working and stuff?

    • F0

      Ah, that’s thanks to an awesome little WordPress plugin called Blackbird Pie. 😉