The first Wii 2 screenshots?

Emily Rogers stayed true to her word and put up some screenshots of what is allegedly two Project Café games. The two games pictured are Pikmin 3 and Endless Ocean 3. They may or may not be the real deal, so take them with a grain of salt. Emily herself even re-iterated the point several times that she does not entirely guarantee their authenticity.

Pikmin 3 and Endless Ocean 3 (Emily Rogers)

So, they’re finally here. What do you think? The screens look convincing enough at first sight, but do you see anything in them that could give them away as fake?

Update: Emily stated in a comment on Gameolosophy that a “video is coming.” Just throwing it out there.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Thunder Storm

    Thats the next gen graphics?!?

    Dont make me laugh!

    • Unless you’re blind then you should be able to see these are better graphics than this current generation can achieve (besides PC)… it looks like an actual photo (which it might actually be). Maybe you opened it in a new tab and zoomed in; the low pixel density of the image must’ve put you off. In other words, it’s like taking a picture of a PS3-game with one of those old phone cameras.

  2. David

    If these are real that would be amazing! Imagine a Metriod or a Zelda game with these graphics. 😀

  3. They look incredibly realistic…. although the background for Pikmin looks real, the info (number of Pikmin) looks like it was copied and pasted… Not to mention Olimar/Whoever the main character will be isn’t showing…. looks like a real photo of a lake with the HUD slapped on it. Might be real though.

    • F0

      I’d agree that the Pikmin 3 shot doesn’t look quite right. The Endless Ocean one looks incredible, though.

      As for the realism…well, this thing is supposed to be significantly more powerful than a PlayStation 3. And we already know how great PS3 graphics can be.

      I’m not gonna call a side just yet, but I am leaning somewhat towards “real.”

  4. Biohazard

    I’m more inclined to believe they are fake. Like the Grand Theft Auto V screens, both of them look like polygonal characters have been photoshopped into real-life images. The characters just don’t sync up with their surroundings to me. Plus, I doubt we are going back to using pre-rendered environments (i.e. Resident Evil) in the next generation. Maybe this is the much-rumored projection technology at work, I don’t know.

  5. Wertville

    Photo’s are too small to tell :/
    I’m 50/50 on this. The fact that I really want a pikmin game to look like that actually brings down the chances XD

  6. DaimyoNintendo

    I am not gung ho about a diver game but the coral etc in the underwater scene looks amazing. Its a small image, not high res but you can indeed see (if you have a discerning eye) that it is indeed next gen and detailed. But not going to try to confirm or deny anything.

  7. nefisto

    is photoshop

  8. Arnar

    What did I tell you about a picture from a forest, with colorful things slapped on it and called Pikmin 3?

    I’m good. Really good!

  9. Ed

    Unfortunatly fake. First, both games have literally identical HUDs to the previuos games in the series. Second, the Pikmin 3 shot has the words “Final Floor” in the corner, a phrase used in Pikmin 2 when you were on the lowest floor of a cave, this shot is clearly on the surface.

    If I were to gues, I’d say these were photoshops of in-game assets pasted over real-life photographs.

  10. 0003mg

    The Pikmin 3 is Fake! The numbers should be color coded like in Pikmin 2 so you know onion the pellet it going to. Also, there would be more stats on the bottom of the screen. The biggest give away is the fact that they are outside when “final floor” is in the corner of the screen. Final Floor only appears in caves.

  11. RockD79

    I’m not sure what to make of this. The photos aren’t clear enough to debunk or confirm anything. It could be a fake and could also be a shot from Nintendo’s E3 booth pamphlet. Who knows, just gonna have to wait till June 7th. The only official announcement that may come prior to June 7th is the final name of the console.

  12. Play4Fun

    Damn you Emily. Damn you.

    Also what someone else noticed:

    Aside from the images looking like doctored renders or real life images, the real give away is in her written delivery.

    Prior to showing these screens she was pretty much 100% certain that her source was legit and that she was going to have undoubted proof of a game in development for Project Café.

    Now she fills the article with uncertainties and reinforcements that these are “only rumors” and that they “may not be real…buuut, I do actually have a source deep inside Nintendo who can get me anything I want.”

    She’s basically protecting herself from the inevitable backlash from these fake images

  13. Joseph

    Fake it’s just a Photograph with the characters and HUD pasted into it. Look at the Endless ocean one, the guy looks like the Wii model and the star fish is bigge than him. The Pikmin one says final floor when he is outside. Nintendo would’ve taken this down from Gameolosophy by now. So yeah it’s fake.

  14. YOU!

    Endless Ocean 3 is fake. that is EXACTLY the same as Endless Ocean: Blue World.

  15. Emily Rogers

    Hello guys, I cannot clarify where the pictures originated from due to a confidentiality agreement I have with the particular individual which provided the images.But I can tell you that they are 99.9 percent real. As stated before I do have a
    video which I will release online. Also several other titles were listed “no screen shots unfortunately” they include the following.

    Waverace Paradise-Nintendo/Monster Games
    Big Brain FAMILY Academy-Nintendo
    Super Mario-Nintendo EAD
    Grave danger-Nintendo/Koei

    • firelord767

      Um, so, yeah, what exactly would you suggest this .1% not realness be?

    • Daniel Boone

      You had no source. You opened up photoshop, hastily pasted some low-resolution UI and gameplay elements onto some photographs, and you passed it off as inside info, believing that gamers at large would be just hopeful enough that the shit you spouted was real to overlook how blatantly full of shit you and everything you’ve ever said has been.

      That’s a schtick that you continue to this day, even in spite of having been caught several times pulling crap out of your ass and painting the walls with it. It’s amazing that at time when people are ultra-critical of games journalism, so much so that they absolutely brutalize writers for making even the most minor of mistakes, confirmed con-artists such as yourself not only get away relatively unscathed, but folks still chose to believe that you’ve got even a tiny iota of legitimacy. If the world were just, you’d have been metaphorically crucified for your bullshit and blacklisted from every writing about videogames again.

      Seriously, fuck you, you sociopathic cunt. Ugh.

  16. Big-N

    when are you going to release the video?

  17. Jake Bake a Snake and put in a frying pan.

    A new super mario in hd. Puke in a sock and sling it around really fast! i’m stoked for the video.

  18. Jake Bake a Snake and put in a frying pan.

    lol are you the real Emily?

    • Joseph

      Emily isn’t even real, i bet she’s a 45 year old man who just took a emo girl picture somewhere.

  19. Endless Ocean 3 = Endless Ocean 2

  20. nintendofan

    That better be Photoshopped. Or else I’ll cry in agony ;_;

  21. is this the n64 or gamecube

  22. ???

    I wish that Nintendo would make a Endless Ocean 3 because Endless Ocean:Blue World was amazing! I love the series so my fingers are crossed with anicipation



  24. tootle

    Pikmin 3 was announced to be released, but where’s my beloved endless ocean 3?

  25. tootle