Far Cry 3 on Wii U? We’ll see how it goes, says Ubi

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 is set to release on the PS3, PC and 360 in 2012. However, a Wii U version does not seem to be on the menu, for now at least. When asked whether Wii U owners would be getting the game the response wasn’t too promising.

“That all remains to be seen, to be honest,” said Jamie Keen, lead designer on the game. “Right now we’ll concentrate on those three lead SKUs [PC, PS3 and Xbox 360], and we’ll have to see how it goes from there.”

Jamie Keen was then pressed on the matter, and reminded that Ubisoft are supporting the Wii U with Assassin’s Creed and Gearbox are supporting the platform with Aliens: Colonial Marines. These games surely demonstrate that the Wii U could showcase more maturer games than it’s predecessor? His response was:

“I’m afraid I’m going to be super evasive on this one! I think the possibilities of Wii U… I think it opens up a new realm of possibilities for more mature titles, but for now we’re concentrating on those three SKUs.”

Far Cry 3 for Wii U could still be a possibility but for now it seems Wii U owners will be missing out.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Good news and bad news

    Uh ho!

    I don’t like the look of this. Ubisoft have been talking up the Wii U big time, but no AAA mature games yet. I’m not convinced that “Killer freaks” is a really mature game, it looks aimed at teens more than anyone else. Add to this all the third party devs holding back with a disappointing “wait and see” attitude and I’m getting a little nervous about mature gaming on the Wii U.

    Arkham city seems to be the most “mature” of the games we have seen, with Metro not far behind, but what else is there?

    If third parties don’t actively encourage a market for mature games on this machine, then it is unlikely to spontaneously appear on it’s own.

  2. Oldergamer

    Hello, I’m one of the public consumers of games and I’d like to reintroduce the concept of the credibility gap.

    Ubisoft has already pulled their Assasins Creed 3DS game, cannibalizing it for another Assasains game on another console.

    I say unto thee Ubisoft, you speak bullsh*t. You’re gonna tuck tail, and run back to the safe console environs you’re familiar with.

    And certainly, I be but one lowly consumer of little import, but you’ve lost any credibility you had with me… not that you care what I think, but I at least have the satisfaction of expressing myself. And as a spender of money in the game marketplace, I do get to voice my displeasure as I see fit.

  3. George Tirebiter

    Just wait until we’re at E3 2012 or there’s a release date and price. When the console is in the immediate future, they should come around.

  4. dracule

    all so called mature but in reality immature so called core games are aimed at teenagers that’s why everything is street and gang and gun its aimed at teens , who do you think calls nintendo in forums kiddy FREAKING 12 YEAR OLD SONY FANS….real adults are to mature to go around talking nonsense….theres more adults playing Mario than there is gta lets put it that way..

  5. Oldergamer

    They, like the vast majority of other 3rd parties are just gonna sit back and wait for someone else to make a move.

    Unfortunately, they’re waiting for each other to do what they’re not going to do.

    There won’t be any move forward on this. None of them have the balls, or the creative imagination. They’re all quite comfortable sitting in the box with everyone else while Nintendo will, once again, have to lead the way.

    And as I’ve stated before, even then they won’t get it. You cant expect someone who’s functionally handicapped to master higher level mathematics unless they’re idiot savants, and even then, there’s some serious question as to true understanding of the symbols they manipulate within the proper context of application.

    Nope, they’ll continue to suck on the Sony/MS teat because it’s safe and familiar and no challenge to do so.

    • zxride64

      MAN, i agree with you a lot. The 3rd parties need to support the console early in its life cycle. If they don’t support the wii u with strong titles early then the consumer will not trust games that are not made by 3rd parties as much as nintendo.

  6. peeper

    ubisoft/activition and now this ken guy STOP SAYING Wii u IS CORE JUST BECAUSE THE PAD HAS TWO ANALOGS…it doesnt even make sense

    wii had wii remote + nunchuck and classic pad and classic pro ,why are they saying such MONG things..

  7. pants

    Lol!! What Wii U owners? NOBODY owns a Wii U. And not having Far Cry 3 isn’t something to complain about. As I recall in the E3 conference, the one game 3rd party game coming to Wii U that people cheered the most was Batman: Arkham City. If this game makes enough of a splash on the Wii U (and it most likely will) I think all the other 3rd party publishers will take note.

    Wii as a brand is known worldwide so it’s safe to say that it’ll have a large enough user base to convince. Heck, if their game is too hardcore, they have no excuse to make a casual-gamer-accessible version of it within the game. All they need to do is use the touchscreen in some gimmicky, simplistic way that nobody will be confused by and they can sell their hardcore games to the casual gamers.

    Do you know how much money the movie industry makes in thrillers, horror, action movies and the like, from girls and even families? Well I think, given the movie quality of 3rd party games, I could see those games being marketed to those people that don’t play them in a hardcore way. Just as you could see a Disney movie, a romantic comedy, the Saw movie collection, and a bunch of action movies in a typical home DVD collection, it’s safe to assume they would want the same experience from video games. I don’t believe all of those casual gamers want to associate video games with just waggling a remote and having some sort of local multiplayer dance contest.

    The only problem would be that hardcore gamers would be disgusted by playing against people that don’t put as much effort or interest in that particular game experience. But, on the bright side for developers, they’d rolling in money for ages.

    • Ruthie

      Lol, obviously there are no Wii U owners but you understand what I meant right? 🙂

  8. donzaloog

    I think these people need to learn the definition of the word “core.” Nintendo is the oldest gaming company still making consoles, so in actuality they are the core company. Sony and Microsoft are giant corporations with some money to spare and decided to get into the game industry. Most of their ideas are ones they stole from Nintendo.

    I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that gamers only want games like GTA, GoW and CoD. But the gaming industry is so much more than that.

  9. mortar and pistle

    fps choice on wiiu touchscreen wii remote and chuck and classic 2 of the above are mouse like and way above a analog stick…yet all im hearing from 3rd partys is hurp durp 2 sticks..

  10. donzaloog

    They are still struggling to find a way to use the Wii U controller. They’ll get it eventually.

  11. Oldergamer


    They are still struggling to find a way to use the Wii U controller. They’ll get it eventually.

    You credit them far more intelligence, imagination, and creativity than they posess.

    Even when shown, they won’t get it.

    Yup, I’ll be quite happy to be proven wrong, but, I’m not holding my breath or holding out much hope either.

  12. frogger

    no body owns a wiiu YET

  13. Biohazard

    Personally, I think it would be better to see how Far Cry 3 will turn out. The series isn’t as popular as Ubisoft’s other titles, Assassin’s Creed and Ghost Recon (both of which are confirmed for the Wii U), so they need to test the waters a bit before they can expand it onto other platforms. I was mad that Far Cry 2 wasn’t on the Wii so Wii-owners had to suffer all these “Imagine” games and Far Cry: Vengeance. But after playing it, I was pretty glad because the game would be too frustrating for the Wii.