FarSight Studios have a Wii U dev kit; will be there at launch

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

FarSight Studios, a developer specializing in accurate pinball simulations, revealed on their Facebook page that they have a Wii U dev kit on hand and fully intend to have a game ready for the launch of the Wii U’s digital distribution platform.

The relevant quip:

Quick Nintendo update: We have dev equipment for the Wii-U and fully anticipate being ready for the launch of its eStore.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Very good news! More developers for the Wii U YEAH!

    • crackkat

      absolutely, the more the merrier, even if theyre not what were gonna buy, someone out there will

  2. uPadWatcher

    It’s great to see independent developers making new games for the Wii U. Look forward seeing more third party publishers and developers… including the independent ones.

  3. That just confirms that Nintendo is going to have an online store for the Wii U. It’s probably an eShop variant.

  4. Bob



    • uPadWatcher

      Thank you for sharing this exclusive pic!!!!!

    • I’ve seen the read picture of that. Nice try with the photoshop on the TV screen buddy. -__-‘

    • real*