First (fake) screenshots of Grand Theft Auto 5

I stumbled across two (probably fake) pictures of Grand Theft Auto V. A rumour that has proven to be popular is that the sequel to Grand Theft Auto IV is going to be a launch title for Project Café. This is supposed to be our first look at the game, but it’s much more likely that it’s not.

I know it’s not the leak you’ve been waiting for, but you may be interested in it, anyway.

I couldn’t find out where the pictures originally came from, and they just scream fabrication in my eyes, but if you think they might be real, tell me why in the comments.

Next up, we’ve got the May 10th leak Emily Rogers promised us. Let’s see if it turns out to be as blatantly fake as this one – if it even happens at all. I’ll be sure to update you on

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Hmmm. Don’t know what to think of these photos.
    Yup, probably fake.

  2. Goran

    It is hard to tell, I don’t remember this location from GTA IV? It looks like Vice City!?

  3. RockD79

    These would be somewhat believable if they didn’t use the Vice City palm treetree background. That pretty much kills these shots.

  4. knux03

    well yeah you have to tell that little green light in the corner nah never mind its fake

  5. Biohazard

    The second image looks like someone photoshopped a polygonal character and the GTA HUD into a real-life photo.

  6. Play4Fun


    Why did they even put Nico, the same character from GTA IV in it?

    They could have at least made it convincing.