First look at Miiverse, the Wii U’s messaging system

Text Messages

Iwata talked quite a bit about the Wii U’s messaging system today, which is called Miiverse. It is a core feature of the operating system, which allows it to be accessed at any time in any software title, even if the game doesn’t offer any online functionality of its own. There’s a ton of information and screenshots of it, which you can find all after the break.

Miiverse allows you to send both handwritten and typed messages, and works on both the Wii U controller and the TV screen. Iwata noted that the messages are a bit easier to read on the controller. Below, you can see screenshots of the touchscreen keyboard and the handwriting interfaces.



Video chatting is also available!

Video Chat

And finally, the kicker: Miiverse will initially be available only on the Wii U, but Nintendo plan to bring it to the Nintendo 3DS, PC, and “every web-enabled mobile device” in the future. How awesome is that?

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    How did the grandpa put the controller on the tv stand of he’s on a electric wheel chair??
    (I whish I had a grand pa that could help me with my games)

    • nintendo for life

      lol my grandpa showed me how to use a computer when i was 3 hahaha i got my skills from him but now ive become a little better :p p.s hes not in a wheel chair.and this looks epic!

  2. Jadnice

    Not really feeling the look and layout of the Wii U’s messaging system (the first picture). I hope it is costumizable. Checkered and yellow is just not a good thing.

    • There was another shown, gray and checkered. So I guess at least the color is customizable…

  3. uPadWatcher

    I have one word for Iwata-san– ANDROID!!!!!!!

  4. real gamers evolve and adapt

    total open online world via miis CHECK i called this years ago and clearly superior to xbox live witch i also called and the touch screen evolves online to new heights and dual screen net browsing amazing all coming together as i said it would

  5. BOB

    That person is playing chase

  6. hi there its not a tv stand instead its the wii u game pad tablet stand for face time video chat yes the delux wii u has the wii u tablet stand