First Look: The Wii U GamePad Cradle

Wii U GamePad Cradle

Some eagle-eyed fans have spotted a cradle for the Wii U GamePad in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct presentation and Ubisoft’s press conference today. Hit the break for a couple more pictures of it.

Here’s the first image – the one from Iwata’s pre-E3 presentation. It was briefly glimpsed when the player set his Wii U controller down in front of his TV in preparation for a video chat.

Another peek at the cradle was had during Ubisoft’s press conference just a couple of hours ago. This one comes from a Just Dance 4 trailer that played in the background during a live, on-stage dance performance.

Wii U GamePad Cradle

What might the actual purpose of this cradle be? We’ve already seen one application of it – an easy way to prop up the rather rotund Wii U GamePad under your TV so you can video chat easily. But beyond that, it looks like a convenient little stand to store your GamePad on. Like the Nintendo 3DS cradle, it’s even possible that it may charge the GamePad’s battery.

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  1. Co-Wink-Key-Dink inc

    Well it should do other things, like tethering the controller for faster peformance.

  2. I was wondering how that guy in the Wii U video got the Wii U GamePad to stand under the TV.

  3. Alkaia

    Don’t know about this, I think cradle is so so..