Gearbox: Wii U is a ‘stop-gap’ between this gen and the next

In an interview with IGN, Gearbox Software’s, Brian Martel, shared his views on Nintendo’s next home console.

“Right now we’re still finding out what kind of final tech specs the Wii U is going to have,” said Martel. “But we like the system a lot; we think it’s going to be a really cool stop-gap in between this generation and the next generation. We think it’s really smart of Nintendo, and the fact that as a platform it’s a lot more capable for hardcore first-person shooter-style gaming – for us that’s fantastic.”

He also went on to say how the console will benefit their upcoming title Aliens: Colonial Marines.

“We’ve got the [Aliens: Colonial Marines] engine running on the Wii U, and as far as the console goes, you’re going to see textures at a resolution that you haven’t seen on [the current] generation,” said Martel. “But the thing we’re most excited about is: what can we do with the controller? So the obvious thing for us is that we can do the motion tracker [on the controller screen], or the sentry gun information – all that kind of stuff. That stuff is really sexy for us. Getting the information off the screen and onto this device is a fantastic idea, right? So can we have a HUD-less environment? Yeah, probably. That would be fantastic, right?”

Although I question the use of the word “stop-gap” it seems like Gearbox are taking the controller seriously and are thinking up some interesting ideas for it.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Joseph


  2. Brian

    Yeah strange to be calling Wii U a “stop-gap” system without knowledge of PS4/720 specs.

  3. boywinkle

    blatant TROLLING by 3rd partys ,,,i new this would happen there trying to get people NOT to buy it and wait for mythical ps4

    the industry is a joke sony just lost another 3.2 billion this year.

  4. SC7369

    THB I’m sure the same if not similar things were said about the Xbox 360 as that was the first out in this generation of consoles and that has been a huge success so you never know it could be one of the best selling just like wii was in the gen.

  5. lavezzi

    i love how these 3rd party employees abuse there position and fanboy from with in the industry this is his own personal wishful thinking….

  6. Jenetty72

    Well,if this “stop-gap” machine can do 1080p visuals at 60 frames-per-second versions of games while the PS3/360 can handle 30FPS with sub-HD resolutions,then i want one right now!Especially if you’re going to see better textures/lighting/shading and post-proccessing effects.Here’s hoping Nintendo won’t hold on the hardware side of things this time.