Graphics will be important for Zelda Wii U

Wii U Controller

At Nintendo’s last investor relations meeting, Miyamoto pointed out that the Wii U isn’t “just about better graphics,” which should hopefully be quite clear considering the console’s true strength lies in its versatile controller.

But that doesn’t mean graphics don’t carry any weight for him – in fact, Miyamoto expressed that visuals will be very important for  “some games,” listing The Legend of Zelda as a specific example.

No direct translation of this quote is available, but I’m sure that many of you will rejoice at the news that graphics will play an important role in the Wii U’s Zelda adventure nonetheless.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Rocco Loria

    Shiggy did say he wouldn’t ever be involved in a realistic Zelda ever again after Twilight Princess, though. That said it seems like too good an opportunity to pass up.

    And THAT said, as much as I love say, Skyrim, I would HATE Zelda to become realistic to a point, know what I mean? Skyward Sword was a great balance.

    • Cameron

      Twilight Princess is not realistic. With all those Gorons, Zoras and enemies it was surrealistic.

  2. Jamie

    Who else jizzed?

  3. igame2012

    this is good news i want to see that high powered wii u game(graphically)

  4. Zelda fan#1

    I hope Nintendo keeps the art-style of the tech Demo, they have to, it’s so beautiful, and if you look back at past Zelda games they’d have to, Zelda majoras mask(realistic) then came Zelda wind waker(toonish) then came Zelda Twilight princess(realistic) then came zelda skyward sword(toonish) So if you see the pattern here then Zelda HD will have a realistic artstyle. So yay. Go nintendo!