High Voltage: “All we want from the Wii 2 is HD output and more memory”

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Eric Nofsinger, chief creative officer of the acclaimed studio High Voltage Software, spoke to Eurogamer about what he wants to see from the Wii’s successor. To sum it up, he’s very happy with the Wii the way it is now, and thinks that HD and a little bump in RAM would make it complete.

From a development standpoint and from a games perspective, really there’s not much that it would need. The primary things that would really help out the system is more memory, of course – you always want more memory on whatever system you’re working on – and HD output.

Having a fixed output resolution of 480p, even in widescreen, it’s hard, because you make these assets and you know they look really great. Even if you show the same type of graphics but put it on a higher resolution output, it just immediately looks better on most modern televisions in the home.

If they could just have a higher output resolution and more memory, really the system could do a lot. You also want a faster processor. Multi-core would be great. But even if they just did only those two things we’d be very excited about it as a developer. They’d be hard pressed not to do those two things.

In case you don’t know about them, High Voltage Software is a developer best known for their efforts to prove the Wii as a serious machine capable of delivering serious first-person shooters in the form of The Conduit. The Conduit is famous for stretching the Wii’s limited graphical capabilities to their breaking point, putting out graphics that could easily pass for an Xbox 360 running in standard definition. While I haven’t played any of their games myself, I’ve heard many great things about how they look and handle. The Conduit 2, the original game’s sequel, is slated to come out on April 19th, and is thought by some to be one of the Wii’s last major releases. You can see a trailer of it below to get an idea of just how talented these guys are.

Source: Eurogamer via My Nintendo News

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  1. wiiboy101

    they have a point wii can do high end stuff more ram/bandwidth and high res output and higher clockspeed would make wii like a easy to code ps3 level machine but i think a lot more at a low retail price can be done and still use the wii chip set as a starting point….