id Software “unsure” about Wii U, awaiting Carmack’s approval

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id Software’s president Todd Hollenshead thinks the Wii U “looks interesting” but confirmed that his studio isn’t going to make anything for it until John Carmack, their lead programmer and the studio’s co-founder, approves of it.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard id say something about the Wii U, but I’m glad to hear that they weren’t as pessimistic this time. With the console being more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, I hope our next story about them will be a game announcement – I’m sure an id-developed FPS would drive a good amount of interest in the console, especially if it packed some Wii U-exclusive content.

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  1. zxride64

    This is good change from what i heard about them before. John Carmack likes the wii u so there is a strong possibity that it could happen.,news-11767.html

  2. Mukkinese

    To be honest, I would be very surprised if any third party devs hold out for very long when it comes to porting and deving for the Wii U. From everything I read about the machine, if a dev is making a game for the P.C. and or Xbox, then including a Wii U version would be a very economical way to extend the possible markets for their product. Even using the second screen, at least for obvious basic uses, seems to be made child’s play by Nintendo.

    With, what promises to be much better online services, the only real obstacle to third party devs is competing with Ninty’s own titles and Nintendo even seem to be making way there too.

    Let’s hope the Tokyo show brings some announcements.

  3. Biohazard

    Horsepower doesn’t seem to be an issue with the Wii U. It’s the market prospects.

  4. theres books about this READ THEM

    id softwars were built on nintendo hatred dont believe me go to youtube watch the history of id software…they came into being trying to port mario to pc and telling nintendo how dumb they are and consoles will fail and the future of gaming is computers and ibm pc standard epic and id were built on complete anti nintendo pro america BS ,every gamer should know gaming history… nintendo destroyed the 1980s usa computer gaming industry with nes and destroyed usa console industry the ATARI ,anti nintendoism ias existed since 1980s DONT LISTEN TO THERE BS…

    • Wiiwouldlike2playwithU

      You really need to learn your history and how to spell correctly. 😛

  5. kaioslive09

    some ppl are just blind these days if ur not a true nintendo fan that belives in nintendo no matter wut js leave this site its not for u. because really im not all about the graphic’s i like the games for wut they are and how they entertain me so rlly if u dont like wut they are doing for ur binifets thats ur stupidity.

  6. I personally don’t care if id Software gets approved for making games for Wii U, as I’m not a fan of their games, really. But given that I want the Wii U to be as strong-supported as possible, I hope Carmack gives the green light. He makes big-selling games, and he has influence. While I think he may toss the possibility out there, I sincerely doubt he will actually do it.

    This is John Carmack we’re talking about. He’s forever has a home with PC gaming, and in terms of console gaming he literally said that he thinks the Xbox 360 is the best console ever made and the PS3 the second. I think when it comes to consoles, he’s sticking with Microsoft and Sony. Then again, he did say that the Wii U was a “slam dunk” to move their Team 5-based games on. But as we all know, praise from developers about a platform doesn’t mean anything certain.

    But I think Wii U will gain more support AFTER people have gotten their hands on it personally. I think first-hand experience will sell the Wii U more than long-distant guessing on its success. Maybe after Wii U’s first year, more 3rd-party companies like id Software will open up to it more. I think they’re kinda being morons, though, because if they’d just support Wii U from the start, they’d be no question for its success.

    Again, I won’t be missing his games on Wii U if he doesn’t, but if there’s a small chance of a big name developer like id Software supporting Wii U, I would say hope for it but don’t hold your breath.

  7. They should add a “k” to their name. For ” idk about developing for the wiiu.”

  8. Captainhowdy

    I hope id does, I’m a big fan of all there games.