IGN: Why The Wii Still Matters

The Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Wii ModOverall, there seem to be two stances towards the Wii’s successor. One being the typical PS360 fanboy-esque, “the Wii’s dead; our systems have motion control now, so its existence is pointless,” and the more optimistic, “the Wii still has lots of time left; Nintendo can and will keep going with it.”

IGN has written a nice two-page article explaining why the latter opinion is a valid one. Their key points for why we shouldn’t cross the Wii off quite yet are as follows:

  • the installed userbase, 76-million strong – new titles have the potential to reach a very, very large audience.
  • it’s still selling – the above userbase is actually still expanding, contrary to beliefs that it’s not.
  • the Virtual Console – there are still lots of retro games Nintendo hasn’t re-released yet; a revival of the Virtual Console could be a huge boost for the Wii in 2011.
  • the existing library – the 2011 release calendar may not look so hot, but have you actually played through every single awesome Wii game the Wii has had in the past yet? Probably not.
  • Zelda – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword alone means so much for the Wii, we’ll probably see a huge boost in sales around its release.
  • E3 2011 and beyond – nothing is really known about what will be happening with the Wii in the second half of 2011, after Skyward Sword. E3 2011 is the perfect chance for Nintendo and third-party publishers alike to reveal lots of awesome new games for the system.
  • The untapped potential – Nintendo have said it themselves before, that there’s lots they still want to do with the Wii. Vitality Sensor? Maybe. Something big and awesome no one will see coming? Definitely.

I’ve summed it all up for you, but if you want to read the original article, here you go.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Wolvesgod

    I agree there still is a lot of untapped potential for the Wii. and even more gadgets will be released on it, as in peripherals. and then why do people, even say that the Wii is dead when it continues to outpace, even the competitor’s motion controls?

  2. Scientist

    Another reason to believe the Wii still has a bright future… three frickin syllables: NIN.TEN.DO.
    ‘Nuff said. XD

  3. George Tirebiter

    While I want to see more of the Wii, I would hesitate to use “peripherals” as an argument. It’s actually one of the major critiques of the system and Nintendo in general, so it wouldn’t be the strongest of arguing points.

    Again, the Wii needs some exploration in its maturity.

  4. wiiboy101

    IGN are being anti-nintendo and anti-wii without being obvious about it,why even write such an article its just more pachter like wii-HD nonsense trying to brainwash us its time for wii 2,IGN are dieing and they blame nintendo…

  5. wiiboy101

    no article on ps3 yet its in 3rd place loosing billions wouldnt trying to big up ps3 with such a article heading make more sense the article comes across like wii is in 3rd place..