Interview: Eternal Eden creator talks Wii U

Eternal Eden 3DS

Ruthie and I recently had the chance to ask Elder Prince of Blossomsoft a few questions about the Wii U. Though he currently has nothing in the works for the system, he is a well-respected indie developer whom you should all have on your radar – his upcoming remake of Eternal Eden for the 3DS is looking to be a fantastic addition to the handheld’s library, and he has previously teased designs for several other games following it.

Wii U Go: What was your initial reaction to the Wii U when it was announced at E3?

Elder: To be completely honest, I haven’t followed E3 very closely this year so I don’t know that much about the Wii U or any other recent systems or games. However, my reaction is always positive toward new technologies as I’m a huge fan of them. I’ve read mixed opinions over the Internet about this new console, but hey, let’s remember that it’s developers’ creativity that will truly matter in the end.

I’m currently playing Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story which seems to be inspired by the movie Innerspace with Dennis Quaid, and I’m extremely impressed with the amount of imagination put into this game, so there’s no doubt Nintendo will succeed to entertain us in their own magical way with their new system.

Wii U Go: From a developer’s point of view, what sets the Wii U apart?

Elder: I love how the new controller with an embedded touchscreen interacts with the TV screen. It opens lots of new possibilities. I’m pretty sure Nintendo haven’t revealed every secret regarding the Wii U, so we’ll see what’s coming.

Wii U Go: If you could choose any one game to be developed and released for the Wii U, what would it be?

Elder: If one specific developer should make games on Wii U, that SHOULD BE Rare Ware. They made the most memorable games during the Nintendo 64 era: Banjo Kanzooie, Donkey Kong 64 and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I miss them a lot since they quit Nintendo for Microsoft – and between you and me, they don’t belong in Microsoft’s world.

Wii U Go: Do you have any plans to support the Wii U in the future?
Elder: I do not intend to make games for home consoles at this moment due to inexperience (I’m still learning a lot, being an indie developer is a long process). I, however, previously announced a remake of Eternal Eden for 3DS. If it goes well for Eternal Eden, maybe I’ll consider Wii U.

Wii U Go: Anything else you’d like to tell Wii U Go’s readers?

Elder: Chances are that you never heard of Blossomsoft; well, that will change in the near future. It’s only the beginning. Keep an eye on my future games!

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  1. den

    I’ll keep my eye on Blossomsoft … and i agree that rare and microsoft don’t go well together.

    • WiiUMiiNI


  2. zxride64

    I like this guy already, i agree with him that Rare needs to come back to Nintendo. When they become part of Microsoft, the games they were making had to be rushed to be released for the 360. They were even going to make other games but they were canceled. Now they just produce kinect games. I can’t wait to try his game out when it comes to the 3ds.

  3. Great interview Feld0! I like ElderPrince a lot. I will definitely purchase Eternal Eden for the Nintendo 3DS.

  4. Tyler

    I would like them to make an Eden Eternal game not only for the (maybe) wii U or 3ds but for the main ds. like dsi. I cant afford a 3ds and many others like me cant but we all can afford small purchases like games for our ds’s. It would make a good addition. Plus i give praises for the online Eden Eternal. I like the game a lot.