Is Sonic Generations being considered for the Wii U?

Yes, if the website TSSZ‘s anonymous source is to be believed. According to TSSZ a source has told them that SEGA are considering ports of Sonic Generations for the Wii U.

The source also said that the likelihood of the game making it to the Wii U will depend on the existing versions of the game selling well. As well as this the anonymous source has also mentioned that even if SEGA Generations does not make it to the Wii U there is another Sonic game being developed for the system.

Like always, I will say that the reliability of these rumours are always in doubt but a Wii U port of Sonic Generations is not too farfetched to be believed. However, a Wii U Sonic Generations game seems to go directly against the comments of SEGA’s Alan Pritchard who dampened hopes of a Wii U version in an interview with GameSpot.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Mariomaster1

    A new Sonic game already in development for the Wii U…….Sonic Adventre 3 anyone? But seriously, as great as that would be, it’s likely going to be something else.

    • Masterman

      Sonic Adventure 3 is Sonic 06.

  2. FL767

    Storybook game seems likely in the future either way. Considering how wonderful Black Knight was (not necessarily gameplay, but a well-written narrative which is unfortunetly rare in Sonics these days, excellent graphics, and an incredible music score) and hopefully several improvements on the Storybook on-rails gameplay style and we’re set.

    So what I’m saying is announce it now before i cave, admit that i NEED Generations THE SECOND IT IS RELEASED, and force myself to buy an XBox 360 so that i’m not staring at a disk.

    It feels good that such hooliganism is actually encouraged in the comments now.

  3. Masterman

    Whats the point?

  4. RockD79

    A no-brainer but based on how well it does this fall.

  5. Mariomaster1

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 was supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3 0_o……What?! That’s total B.S, most of the Sonic Adventure games were on a Nintendo Console after being remade, so why wasn’t Sonic 06 ported to the Wii right of the bat? And also, there are no Chaos Gardens in Sonic 06! Therefore, Sonic Adventure 3 being made one day is still rather possible…..and hopefully it will have Chao Gardens again!

  6. GRR! Don’t they understand that it might not even sell well UNTIL it’s released for the Wii U?! Most of their console fanbase likely moved to Nintendo consoles after SEGA’s Dreamcast demise, and the version for the 3DS was just sad and didn’t acknowledge the 3DS’s true capabilities.

  7. when sonic genretions wii u game is comming to London.