Is this leaked image the Project Café controller?

Arguably the most heavily discussed feature about the Wii 2 is the controller, which is rumoured to host a 6-inch touchscreen. It certainly does sound a little odd to include such a large screen on the controller itself, so I’m naturally curious to see what it really looks like. The image below very well may be our first glimpse of it.

Project Café Controller

Click for a bigger version.

Have your salt ready, as the image’s history is a little shady. It first surfaced on 4chan, before being picked up by @numerical7 on Twitter, who addressed it to TechnoBuffalo’s Jon Rettinger, who then proceeded to post it on that site. According to him, the image is a document that Nintendo is currently passing around to approved third-party developers.

Make what you will of this rumour, but if that image is legit, the controller does appear to make a bit more sense now than when we first heard about it.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Play4Fun

    That’s probably fake I think. I can’t wait for E3 (or later this month) where hopefully most of these rumours will be put to rest…probably for new ones to spring up >_>

  2. nintendo3DS

    ahhhhhhi like that controller!! orgasm!

  3. Wolvesgod

    That controller has to be faked. Why will it be the only thing with full color on it? and the “console” looks as big as a computer tower. and also if it’s real we will know when and if Nintendo requests you to remove the image, because we all know Nintendo will do that. Remember what happen with the Pokemon black and white, at

  4. real gamer

    thats a CLASSIC pad wiimote and nunchuck made that OBSOLETE wii remote sales are fantastic ps3 and x30 failed vs wii and wii remotes outsell xpad and dual shock massively

    so why wold nintendo use a RETRO controller a OBSOLETE controller a classic pad is not replacing a wii mote a nunchuck a wm+ and a pointer mouse

    please explain why i would play black ops on wii with real FPS controls a mouse pointer and a nunchuck and replace it with a classic pad

    these rumors are getting beyond stupid its like saying nintendo has dropped the second screen from a DS it doesn’t make sense at all

    the future of gaming isnt a classic pad jesus guys nintendo call it classic for a reason

    • Wolvesgod

      exactly, it wouldn’t make sense, what so ever. the only thing I can see happening if, Nintendo, goes with a screen, being the helmet. it wouldn’t make sense, to use a classic controller, like that. Does anyone realize that looks like a gamecube pad?

      I can’t wait till the 26th. X.x

  5. Wolvesgod


    They wouldn’t have plans in English. They should be Japanese, at least some of it.

    • F0

      Even if they were showing the kit to a western developer?

    • Wolvesgod

      that’s true but what studio did this image, originally leak from?

      most of the high end studios are in Japan, and like a post said, a lot of studios don’t have a controller yet. also, remember with the Wii? there wasn’t a controller when they revealed the, back then, revolution.

    • F0

      The image came from 4chan, so we’ll probably never know. Good point about the Wii/Revolution – I totally forgot about that.

  6. real gamer

    if theres a screen its a tablet screen wiimote 2 and nunchuck 2 detach from the future is not a CLASSIC PAD its evoled wii controls….

    how would i play wii sports moion HD (made up name) on a classic pad i need a motion controller

    how would i play fps and sport games how would i play pro evo THE OLD WAY SORRY THATS JUST A LIE,these rumors are more anti nintendo than pro wii 2

    ign are doing this to troll the wii everything thrre pushing as wii 2 is failed ps3 so why would nintendo do that….

    theres no helmets involved that goes against wii/ds its not family freindly its a image and way nintendo do not want helmits would fail hard

    tablet with detachable wii controls

  7. it looks kinda cool. but idk it looks to familiar.