Iwata: The Wii U ‘is not going to be cheap’

Satoru Iwata at E3Seeing the sheer amount of awesome tech the Wii U packs, I wouldn’t blame you for being worried about what it’s gonna cost – even I’m concerned about it. Nintendo is refusing to provide even a ballpark figure for how much it’s gonna go for, but Satoru Iwata just went on record saying that it’s “not going to be cheap.” In a separate interview, he also apparently said that it’ll cost upwards of $250.

Earlier, Reggie mentioned that the console is going to be competitively priced with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and will offer “fantastic value” for its asking price. I doubt they’re gonna pull a PlayStation 3 stunt and price it at an outrageous $600, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a tag anywhere up to $400.

I think the message here is that if you want a Wii U, you’d better start saving now.

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Comments, Reactions, and General Hooliganism

  1. Adam

    Please be $250!! If its at $250 then PS3 and possibly PS4 is screwed! But the bad part is, y get a console when u can get a handheld(refering to 3DS) when u can get the next best console?

  2. bouwhogames

    its power 7s fault LOL

  3. Mariomaster1

    I’m hoping it will be somewhere in the 350-400 price range. I know the Wii U is quite the piece of technology, but Nintendo has always been fair when it came down to the prices for their systems.

  4. Chinomanila

    Im guessing it will be between 350 to 400. I am gonna say it this sucker is going to have a series 8000 cpu.

  5. George Tirebiter

    With so much time to save, $350-400 plus a non pack-in game (we may see another Wii Sports type game), saving should be no problem.

  6. Daimyo Nintendo

    There is no way its going to be more inexpensive than Wii. I am pegging this system at $400, $450 max.

  7. Ruthie

    I think the lowest they will go is £300 ($350)

  8. RockD79

    I’m expecting $400 or under. Anymore would be overkill.